Saturday, May 29, 2010

questions from kimberly to kristi

-what was your favorite thing we did in ms while u were here?
i can't choose one....tubing, canton flea market, slip n slide, jonathan doing the kool aid stand, sleeping....

-were there any incidents on the drive?
i don't think so

-what did u think when u saw willow on the ultrasound?
awwweeeeeee so precious, that's my niece! brought back memories from jonathan and tyler in my belly too.

-does tyler get hot or cold?
he gets cold ALL the time!!!!!

-how did u celebrate jjs bday/why?
we were in a hotel traveling back from ms so we gave him a present and then when we got back home we had pizza and key lime pie with candles because that is what he wanted!

-how did u celebrate tys bday/why?
that morning we went to dunking donuts and then to target so he could spend some birthday money from family. that night we went to carrabbas because we knew that we would all enjoy and tyler requested macaroni and cheese or pizza so we shared a pizza and then we saw the new shrek movie thanks to a gift card i had from my birthday!

-what are some cute things they've said in the last couple weeks?
tyler gets very sad when i tell him i'm a girl. he says "your not a girl your mom"
aah they say cute things all the time, i can't think of them right now!? :(

-are u excited to be an aunt to willow/why?
yes because you are my sister and there's something extra special about it. it's like it's a piece of me?!

-did u get anything at the canton flea market?
yes! food, a tshirt, a lsu thing for candles or silverware, and i think that's all

-if u had to work outside the home, what would u want to do?
i would probably choose ortho assisting because that's what i know how to do but i guess a teacher that way i'd have the
same schedule as my kids or a nurse if i didn't have to go back to school. BUT my dream job would be to own a sno biz!!!!

-will u ever go back to school?
no unless someone else pays for it

-what did steven eat for dinner?
we were at a friends house and he had ribs, macaroni salad, roll, chicken maybe? and diet coke

Monday, May 24, 2010

Catch up

Been awhile. But we've been busy. Kristi and I. We got to spend almost 2 weeks together....TOGETHER!! It was sosososo fabulous and wonderful and just not nearly enough time. Have I mentioned how IN LOVE I am with her children?? My goodness, if I love them this much, I can't imagine the love I will have for Willow Kate!! They got to come to a Dr appt and see WK on the big screen.
It was VERY exciting and Jonathan thinks she has an alien head :) W's mom got to come for that to so it really was special! A few days before that, I went in b/c I thought I had another UTI b/c I had a little spotting and so I told my Dr about all the pressure/cramping I'd been having and he put me on "modified" bed rest...meaning 1/2 the day off my feet and no more pilates. AGH!! Well, it's been really hard to say the least. I would never put my daughter in harm so when I felt tired/bad I did rest but I couldn't be laid up in bed when my family from afar was only here for a short time. So, I tagged along to the Science Museum and various other adventures in a wheelchair...the boys loved that :)

I even managed to go to the Canton Flea Market...our tradition. I didn't make it all the way around, my body wouldn't move anymore but I did get WK a precious vintage pillowcase dress and tye dye tshirt...;)

That Friday night was our Wedding/Baby Celebration and it was so nice!! The best part was the Inflatable Slide!!! Jonathan went with me to set up so he got to be the first one down and he was the last one off at the end of the night. All the kiddos loved it and went home tired and sweaty! We had yummy BBQ and really enjoyed visiting with family and friends! The weather was PERFECT!! We had to say goodbye to W's sister Zan and her family, his brother Cliff and his parents :( It was SOO good to all be together! And we had to say goodbye to my seester and Steven and boys. But Kristi and I don't say all. Then when I drive off, I lose it. Ugh. I hate it.

O I forgot. While the girls went to the Flea Market, W took the day off and took Jonathan and Tyler for an adventure. They went fishing for the first time and both caught fish!! It was SOOO fun to hear about it!!!! And now that Jonathan is in FL, he says "I miss my new uncle the most". Hmm.

Last week was busy just catching up. I had another Dr Appt and everything looks great. I go again this week.
Saturday/Sunday W was in a small fishing tournament on a private pond and spent the whole day/night fishing and had a GREAT time. Saturday night (my first one home alone!) I spent a lot of time thinking about Willow and being her mommy and just being flooded with emotion about how it's going to feel the first time I see her and hold her and kiss her little forehead. Ahhhh I can not wait!!!!
We've got lots of things planned for June, including a quick trip to Atlanta for some CEU classes for W. I like being busy, that way the time passes faster and before we know it, WK will be here :)
Nothing else I can think of. Kristi's turn.

Monday, May 3, 2010


So i wanted to go ahead and get this down while it was still fresh but it will probably be more like rambling b/c I have so many thoughts. In church, we've been going through a sermon series on Heaven. Before the message even started we were singing "Revelation Song", Kari Jobe sings it. I had an aha moment. In it, there is a lyric "with all creation I sing, praise to the King of Kings". W has always told me that when he is in the woods, it's a worship experience for him in a different way. I never really understood but I thought it was nice that he could see it like that. Then it hit me, WHAT is creation? I started going through all the days of creation and I pictured all of the trees, the leaves that have fallen to the ground, the little bugs on the trees, EVERYTHING. Creation PRAISES God and to me among all of creation worshiping God seems like a little bit of Heaven to me and I finally got what W was talking about!
Then our pastor was talking about what he believes we will do in Heaven and he believes we will be able to ask questions. All the "why" questions we have on earth....why did you let this happen to me or why did you do things this way. And that he believes that God's response to us will make us so incredibly humbled because God has a PERFECT plan and reason for doing everything...whether to teach us something or to keep us from something else harmful and that we will feel that overwhelming sense of appreciated to even be called sons of daughters of Him. That really really hit me hard b/c I've been having a struggle lately with Satan and him trying to feed lies to me and I was telling W at lunch that I felt such a release in church, as if I had built a dam inside myself and it was set free and I felt somewhat of a rush going through me and felt so renewed and light. He said he had experienced the same thing. We were talking about the river of life and every time I have felt that overwhelming sense of Gods power in me, if feels like a rush of water going through me and we both picture that River of Life flowing through us and giving is a renewed life.
Also, we were singing "Worthy Is The Lamb" and just had that stirring in my heart and uplifted feeling and our campus pastor was talking about how worshipping affects you but I wonder when that starts happening. I don't remember that happening when I was 6 (the age I was saved) but as I've mentally matured, I remember feeling it. So it made me wonder about things like, does my 5 year old nephew experience that? I was asking W what he thought and he feels like you have to go through certain things and emotions in life to realize how unworthy you are and then it's like you're filled with gratitude to be worshiping God and His Spirit fills you up. It made sense b/c as I've matured both emotionally and spiritually, I am able to have a better understanding and appreciation of going before God and worshiping Him!

My mom and I went to Pensacola this past weekend for my nephew Berkeley's 4 year old graduation and at dinner, my brother and mom were talking about all these stories from the Bible but they were talking about the people as if they were real and relatable. Um, they are but I have never ever studied the Old Testament in a way that excites me or makes me want to learn about each person and why they were chosen and what they came from and what they were used for. But my brother, being a History major and a teacher has this way of talking about it as if I'm watching E News or something. I was so fascinated but also embarrassed b/c I had nothing to contribute. Yeah, I've read about Moses and Ezra and Joseph but they've never been real to me. It really challenged me to study the Old Testament like that. So I'm gonna :)

I think that's all from that but I wanted to write it so that I can go back later and look at it.

This weekend was SO much fun! My mom and I have never done that before...traveled just the two of us and we had a blast. She is sooo stinkin funny and we laughed the whole time. It was soooo good to see my brother and Berk!! We stayed at a hotel that night and had breakfast with Kevin Sat and drove back. We of course made a pitstop in Hattiesburg for Forever 21 :)

Yesterday was sooo much fun being with W all day. We got a lot done but I am taking the affternoon off of work to get the house in order for KRISTI TO GET HERE!!!! They are driving to my brothers tonight and the rest of the way tomorrow. Her good friend, Crista is also coming with her little boy, Kasen and they are staying with us. Yay! So I gotta get to cleaning!!