Friday, October 29, 2010

Willow Kate 3 Months!

3 Months

-you have changed so much these last few weeks! You are so alert and make eye contact with everyone you see. You look at your toys and the books i read to you.

-you "talk" so much when we talk to you. Its so precious! Sometimes it seems like you can't contain your excitement! It makes us sooo happy!

-we are finally able to make you smile. Its sooooo amazing to see my little one so happy :) :). If i walk away and then come back you get so happy!! Its such a reassuring feeling to KNOW and SEE that you're happy!

-you do great at tummy time and hold your head high. You still like to army crawl and you can really go! You like to lay on your side!

- we got u a bouncy seat and you really like it. You reach out and touch the little toys. You've accidently made the music play on some of your toys so im sure youll figure it out soon!

-you took your first trip to the woods with daddy. He took you and your cousins jonjon and ty while the big girls went to the canton flea market. He wore you in the little kangaroo pouch and you did great! I told him to make sure you were warm and he dressed you in a snowsuit :)

-aunt kristi came to visit with your cousins and you just love them so much! Those boys adore you!! Jonjon loooves to hold you and feed u and tyler makes sure u have your passy. We went to the science museum and u got to see all the fish!

-you laughed out loud!!! Poppy was playing with you and you laughed several times!!! We all laughed too!! Now you do it almost every day! Its the most precious sound!

-we had your baby dedication at pinelake. It was soo special! You were so sweet the whole time and you were the tiniest baby.

-youve started teething! You had been fussy (which isnt like u) and were chewing on your fists and then it finally occured to me what was happening. We think we feel a little bump on the bottom. I cant wait until it comes in! :)

-we've got a great routine at night. Youre doing so much better if you go to bed early so around 5:30 we give you a bath which you LOVE, then play for a little bit. Then at around 6 or 6:30 (when your eyes get pink) i feed you and rock you and sing to you and have our prayer time. When im singing or humming, you "sing" with me. I LOVe it!! Then you lay dowm without any fuss and go to sleep. You are sych a good baby!!

-the past few nights youve been sleeping for 11-12 hours, eating and then sleeping for another hour or so!! Its tough being so cute!!

We love you so much and are soooo enjoying getting to know you!! You are the biggest blessing we could imagine and we are sooo thankful for you!!! I just cannot imagine this world without you!