Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mommy must-haves...and have-nots

I researched as much as I could on what things were really NECESSARY and for me personally, this is what I've discovered.

Must haves...

-Medela breast pump. The electric one. I prefer to only do one at a time so the double isn't necessary but that's what I have. It was worth every penny. Trust me.

-Baby bathtub. This is scrazy but as I'm typing shes laying in her bathtub (no water) on her sleeping wedge and blanket. When I need to do laundry I just pick her up and take it with me. :)

-The sleeping wedge. No that's not the name of it but it keeps them on their back and from rolling over and is sort of a tiny ramp to help prevent gas, spit up, etc. It's so co forging knowing she's sleeping on this.

-Noise machine. It's so great and has a "womb" setting which whe loves. I got ours at babies r us.

-Boudreaux Barrier Spray. This was a life saver for this diaper rash. You can spray it every change and it keeps Anything from coming in conta t with skin.

-Pampers swaddles are great bc they have a line that turns green when she's wet. Also the Huggies Organics are good too ESP until their umbilical cord comes off...they dip down in the front.

-Baby swing and Boppy LOUNGER (not Boppy)

-socks, socks, socks, socks. And socks.

-nursing pads. I got the knees that stick and I love them.

-keep your house stocked with one handed foods. Grapes, kasha bars, etc. Also if your like me, I've not had an appetite and so m'lis nutrition shakes have been a lifesaver.

-tons of receiving blankets. The ones that are 36" or larger work best for swaddling. Swell for Target makes them

Have-Nots...(or can waits)

-Boppy. A pillow works just as well.

-I woukd wait on overstocking on wipes bc your baby may be sensitive to one. We think that's what bothered willow.

-hand help breast pump. I got one and it took 30 minutes to get what the medela will get in 30 seconds.

-this may be different if you bottle feed but I've not yet used one bib. Willow doesn't spit up so I am only using burp cloths for random things but glad I have them.

*side note...

This is a personal decision but after a very interesting conversation with my bff Emily, who is I believe a phsycology major, ive learned that letting your child watch TV before they're 2 increases their risk of ADD and several other things by 50% because their brains aren't designed for that yet. That's why baby toys are made the way they are. The colors, the high pitched sounds. Now I know many SMART children who have watched TV and kids movies since they could focus but personally, I wont be putting her in front of the baby Einstein DVDs I got at a garage sale. But I'll interact with her in different ways. Again, this is a personal decision and not right or wrong just what we've decided.

Welcome Willow Kate

Well I'm typing on the iPad and I don't know how to add pics but you've seen this little girl on Facebook :)

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since she was born and shes not even "due" for 8 more days!! You preggo girls have ALL my sympathy!!

Well she came early b/c after a routine checkup then a stop at a fetal ultrasound specialist, it was determined that there was an unsafe amount of amniotic fluid to keep her in any longer. So we scheduled the c-section for the next day.

We were soo excited and I was soo nervous all of a sudden but we had THE MOST incredible team of dr's and nurses worming wih us. The c-section itself was a breeze and we all kept each other laughing. In minutes, she was born and we heard the most beautiful sound...her CRY!! Dr Wooley had prepared us nit to hear her cry and for her to be taken to the NICU if there were any questions since she's a peemie but she was perfect!! She was born at 13:13 and weighed 6 pounds even and is a little 18.5 inches. W got to bring her out to see the family and I finally got to hold her in my arms in recovery. It was instant love. I got to feed her and she is a natural. God is so incredible in His plan and design in all things.

We had a great stay in the hospital. The recovery was a little more intense thatk expected but just part of it.

We went home 3 days later and have really adjusted well. W took off the week and is slowly working back to his schedule this week. Willow is such a good eater, every 2-3 hours and is the MOST content baby vie ever seen. She o ky cries when she's hungry. She is getting over a terrible diaper rash and I think vie cried mire than her. I wish so bad I coukd take it from her.

She had her 2 week "well baby" checkup yesterday and they were so pleased. We LOVE her pediatrician! She's back up to her birthweight but my poor little runt is in the 5-10% on her height, weight and head. Shes gonna be a tiny thing.

It's almost feeding time so I better run! Thanks for any and all prayers!