Sunday, December 26, 2010


i did it. cant believe it but i did. and im starting all over again today! it really is an awesome workout. here's my experience.

i gained 19 pounds during pregnancy. 6 pounds were baby, 13 pounds were the 876 cinnamon rolls i ate. mmmmm. luckily, it all came off quick and easy and i was pre baby weight in about 2 weeks. at 6 weeks i was dyyyyying to work out and had ordered p90x while pregnant so i was anxious to start. w and i were both hyped up but after about 2 weeks....well, i was solo. BUT he was awesome cheerleader and was such an encouragment to me through the whole thing.

i started off being able to do 5 girl pushups per set and by the end i was doing 30-40. my strength was something i really noticed a difference in.

my most fav workout is by far Kenpo. least favorite is yoga. i would seriously rather sleep in wet pajamas than do it. ugh.

i didnt follow the diet plan bc i eat pretty healthy anyway but a basic day looks like this:

egg beaters and ground turkey for breakfast.
or a cliff bar if im in a hurry....or about to eat my arm.

love a good salad for lunch. crunchy lettuce, nuts, berries and feta. can do without dressing.

usually some sort of snack. eithet an apple with peanut butter or almonds and mini choco chips.

im normally not hungry for supper since i eat a lot early in the day.

i am addicted to froyo. especially sweet tree which happens to be 2 minutes away. i usally get no sugar added vanilla....but only because i require about 3 pounds of topping. o my goodness the toppings. my faves? reeses, cheesecake, brownies, crunch bar, oreos....the list goes on. not all at once...usually.

so all in all i lost 21 inches. not sure about the pounds because the only scale i get on is at the doctors office but ive definitely tightened up all over. i dazzle w with my 12 pack. i kid.

i would recommend this workout to anyone. because u can truly modify any and everything.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Willow Kate 5 Months

Wow, 5 months already!!??
What a sweet, happy baby. You have the sweetest personality and its just developing even more every day.

You are sooo happy and smiley. You are still very laid back and content.

If i put you on your back, you flip to your tummy in a second! You push yourself up so that you dont miss anything. And if im behind you, you will turn that little head as far as you can.

You had your 4 month checkup and shots :(
We also had to bring you in because you had a tiny fever and sounded hoarse. No flu or rsv so we're just keeping an eye on it.

You looove trying new foods. Mommy makes it and i love seeing your tastes develop. So far you like, sweet potato, peas, carrots, pears, banana and green beans. Definitely not so wild about avocado. Ha.

You have a "sleepy song" when you get tired and so i just lay you down on your side with your passy and you go right to sleep. You usually wake up around 6 or 7. Drink a bottle, play, eat a fruit, nap for 3 hours, bottle, play, nap for about an hour, play, eat, nap for 3 hours, eat, play, bath, bottle and bed. :)

You looove being talked to and you respond with a big smile.

You love singing jesus loves me with the motions and doing patty cake. Also the game "i love you thiiiiiiiiiiis much".

You take your passy out, look at it, and put it back in. Over and over.

Aunt zan got you a highchair that we call your "happy chair" and you love being up and watching us in the kitchen.

You really love books. Im so thankful that we have so many.

Daddy had a kidney stone and we had to wake you up early and bring you to nanas so daddy could get to the hospital. It was a long weekend but you were such a sweetie and daddy is all better. You wouldnt fall asleep at nanas until she told you that daddys procedure was over.

We got a real christmas tree and its sooo pretty. And momma turned 27!!

I cant begin to describe our love for you. Daddy and i say that every day. Its just "wow". I am so excited for your first Christmas!!! we love you so much willow kate and feel soooo blessed to be your parents.

Friday, December 17, 2010

im gonna stop putting titles because i always spend too much time thinking of one. cant you tell?

we just got home from the hospital getting an ultrasound of willow kates spine. she was the BEST baby and as happy as can be laying on her belly. it took a while to get a good look but the dr said her spinal cord was NOT tethered!!! wooohooo!!! william prayed this morning and we both had a peace either way. (tethered cord is when your spinal column grows faster that your spinal cord and causes it to stretch and then fray)

i went hunting yesterday. no im sorry, i went HUNTIN. it was pretty awesome hikin through he woods and through big puddles of water to find the perfect spot. i told william, athiest hunters cannot exist. it is absolutely incredible to see the details of Gods creation. we didnt see any deer but it sure was a fun experience.

today is my last day of p90x. i have to have a rest week before i take my after measurements. then i'll do it all over again. because i wanna.

ive been having horrible, vivid nightmares. its really frustrating because i wake up so confused and shaken up because i have to remember whats reality and what was in my dream. ugh. i think im gonna sleep atop a bible tonight.

i stuffed, addressed and stamped a bunch of christmas cards this week and put them in the mailbox only to realize that i forgot to actually put the cards in. so i got them back in time and sat down with some scissors and tape and then realized that i infact DID put the cards in. not sure whats worse, forgetting or not remembering. ha.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

saturday funday?

w's back at it in the deer woods today. he still hasnt found his big mack daddy buck but he loves the hunt way more that the kill. i sound like i know what im talking about, huh?

i think willow kate and i might venture out today and search for some curtains. o curtains, please show yourselves to us today.

yesterday my mom met as at hobby lobby and i got all sorts of things to scratch my crafting itch. shes a crearive genius and i steal my ideas from her. and the world wide web.

i dont know what wikileak is. i could google it i spose but im always careful with what goes on my computers history. too much crime tv.

i started using sauve professional shampoo and it really is as good as the pricey stuff. they even have the aveda rosemary mint knock off. and its super cheap!

i miss my sister like woah. and her boys. jonathan called me the other night just to talk and it just melted my heart. ty leaves me messages on heytell. jj started real school and hes sooo advanced! im proud. his first day of school he got to buy his lunch and he picked nachos and cheese. ha. and another day he couldnt open his water bottle so he was thirsty all day. i just love them so much!!!!

i dont know what to get w for christmas.

making baby food is soooo easy!!! not sure why everyone doesnt do it? u just steam the veggies and then blend it with water. wa-la. if theres a natural disaster of some sort, ive got a freezer full of sweet potatoes so yall come over and we'll have a picnic.

i had a nightmare last night. i hate them.

thats all.


Thursday, December 9, 2010


so life has been happening lately. and for some reason i think i'll remember everything forever and ever but i often have trouble recalling what i wore yesterday. so allow me to blab.

willow is absolutely perfect. im not just saying that. really. shes soooo sweet and only cries when shes hungry, sleepy or hurting. and shes so stinkin cute. she changes and learns every single day. ahhh.

we got a new camera. its a fancy schmancy one and all i know how to do is take a picture but it does take a good one. its a canon rebel something or other. makes me feel all professional when i whip it out.

ive been feeling crafty lately. ive tried to limit my decorating in this house since we dont own it and how do i know itll work in our "real house" but im getting a little restless staring at blank walls and curtainless windows. i love decorating and slowly adding personal touches that just say "home".

i jumped off the edge and got a salted caramel hot chocolate frpm starbucks in target this weekend and oh my stars, i do know what we'll be sipping on when the role is called up yonder. Mm mm mm mm mm. but its pricey so i concocted my own recipe and it'll do my taste buds just fine.

i have the best husband. he's just so good to me and so humble. hes grown a lot these past couple of months especially and my word, sometimes it feels too good to be true.

i hate touch screens. and im typing on one now. just doesnt feel legit.

im dying to go to anthro. 'cept i never buy anything because its oh so expensive and i can find similar things at an antique shop or something.

we got a real tree. its such a treat to breathe in that smell evey day. and im sure all the extra oxygen isnt too bad for us. im no scientist so i
may have that wrong. i am a superhero though. just so you know.

i have one more week left of p90x. cant believe i did it. my partner dropped off the radar at about week 2 but not me. no sir. i'll post my final results.

i wish i could teleport. real bad. and i wish i never had to go to the supermarket or post office or bank. and while im at it, i wish for a money tree and a cure for cancer and brittle bone disease.

you have not cuz you ask not. just a little reminder.

w is hunting today. and my laundry room smells of dirt. it tickles me the lengths they go to to trek through the forest undetectable. they have to take a shower with a "scent away" soap. then launder all their loot in "dirt" scented laundry soap. and if thats not enough, they spray themselves with doe URINE!!!! woah dang. thats some serious hunger for deer burgers.



Saturday, November 27, 2010

Willow Kate 4 Months

Willow, for the last two months, you change every day!! Sometimes more often than that! What a sweet personality you have. As long as mommy is right there you are as happy as can be.

-you now eat rice cereal. we mix brown rice cereal with a little bit of formula and sometimes some banana and you are really getting the hang of it. you open your mouth for bites now and its the sweetest thing.

-youve been waking up at night for your passy but you dont eat in the night. you usually sleep for 12-13 hours. we try to keep you up past 6 but youre more of a morning girl. so am i :)

-we went on a trip to nashville and were were a little sweetie. you got to meet daddys friend, richard.

-its your first thanksgiving. All of daddys family (16 of us) met at a beautiful lake house in hot springs arkansas and have had the best time. you werent sure what to think about so many people but everyone loves you so much!

-youve become very clingy to mommy. its precious to me and it makes my heart melt. i always wanted my mommy too. i still do :)

-you sat up for a few seconds but we're not quite there yet. maybe by christmas?

-youre reaching for things now. you figured put that your passy goes in your mouth. youre aim will get better. :)

-mommy put up some christmas lights and you love looking at them. wait til you see a christmas tree!!

-youve rolled over both ways now but you dont do it too often.

-when i hold you up like and airplane, you laugh. :)

we love you so much, willow kate. i know you can feel it. and your daddy and i love eachother so much! i know you can feel that too :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Willow Kate 3 Months!

3 Months

-you have changed so much these last few weeks! You are so alert and make eye contact with everyone you see. You look at your toys and the books i read to you.

-you "talk" so much when we talk to you. Its so precious! Sometimes it seems like you can't contain your excitement! It makes us sooo happy!

-we are finally able to make you smile. Its sooooo amazing to see my little one so happy :) :). If i walk away and then come back you get so happy!! Its such a reassuring feeling to KNOW and SEE that you're happy!

-you do great at tummy time and hold your head high. You still like to army crawl and you can really go! You like to lay on your side!

- we got u a bouncy seat and you really like it. You reach out and touch the little toys. You've accidently made the music play on some of your toys so im sure youll figure it out soon!

-you took your first trip to the woods with daddy. He took you and your cousins jonjon and ty while the big girls went to the canton flea market. He wore you in the little kangaroo pouch and you did great! I told him to make sure you were warm and he dressed you in a snowsuit :)

-aunt kristi came to visit with your cousins and you just love them so much! Those boys adore you!! Jonjon loooves to hold you and feed u and tyler makes sure u have your passy. We went to the science museum and u got to see all the fish!

-you laughed out loud!!! Poppy was playing with you and you laughed several times!!! We all laughed too!! Now you do it almost every day! Its the most precious sound!

-we had your baby dedication at pinelake. It was soo special! You were so sweet the whole time and you were the tiniest baby.

-youve started teething! You had been fussy (which isnt like u) and were chewing on your fists and then it finally occured to me what was happening. We think we feel a little bump on the bottom. I cant wait until it comes in! :)

-we've got a great routine at night. Youre doing so much better if you go to bed early so around 5:30 we give you a bath which you LOVE, then play for a little bit. Then at around 6 or 6:30 (when your eyes get pink) i feed you and rock you and sing to you and have our prayer time. When im singing or humming, you "sing" with me. I LOVe it!! Then you lay dowm without any fuss and go to sleep. You are sych a good baby!!

-the past few nights youve been sleeping for 11-12 hours, eating and then sleeping for another hour or so!! Its tough being so cute!!

We love you so much and are soooo enjoying getting to know you!! You are the biggest blessing we could imagine and we are sooo thankful for you!!! I just cannot imagine this world without you!