Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Little running joke we have about how the ICU really got it's name...hospital gowns and the way it's impossible to be modest wearing them. That kinda sums up the past few weeks in the Boren house. Let's see, 3 weekends ago I had been having steady contractions so I was just trying to relax and chill out. One of our therapists came to the house and gave me an awesome relaxation massage, w and I got pedicures...and during ghe pedicure I was sweating bullets and was squirming out of the chair I was contracting so bad. We decided to get a couple movies and chill out in bed that night. Well, it got to the point where I couldnt talk through them so we went ahead and called the nurse on call. She said to go ahead to Labor and Delivery and they would stop them. We didn't bring anything with us because we thigh it woukd take a couple hours max. I got all checked in and the MOST amazing nurses work at Baptist. They hooked me up and started monitering and I was definitely having "beautiful" spiky contractions as they called them. I got a drip and then they gave me the turbutaline shot. Wow, if you've ever had one, you know it feels like Speed. Not that I literally know but I'd imagine. It makes your heart race (120ish) and you get super shaky and its just weird. It helped for about 10 minutes so they gave me another one. That one didn't help. I started taking Procardia which helps to stop contractions also. My Dr was on call that weekend so he was in constant contact with the nurses. I was soo bummed when they said we had to stay the night but W was sooo good to me!! He laid with me and brushed my hair off my forehead all night. They gave me something to make me sleepy and it helped the pain sooo much and by the morning I was down to only 4 an hour so they let me go home. The Dr put me on strict bed rest with only bathroom privileges so Williams mom came and stayed with me while he was at work during the week. My parents were in Pennsylvania. On Thursday or Friday, my bf Jennifer came and brought me some yummy soup from BroadStreet and helped pass a couple hours. Soon after she left though, I had a dull ache in my back on the side. I changed positions but just coukdnt get comfortable. It started to get steadily worse so I asked W to call me when he could, no rush though. It seems like as soon as I sent that, it went into triple time and within the hour I wa sobbing in pain. I have never ever felt anything like it. He rushed home and we called the Dr. I tried to get up and could not put any weight on my left side and could not stop crying. I very rarely cry from pain so it was weird for me to not be able to control it. We thought that Willow may have her foot on a nerve or something but the nurse said it sounded like Labor so William got me to the car (not really sure how) and he drove 100 mph to the hospital, I didn't even care at that point if we got in a wreck. He went through red lights and everything, ha! I was in soooo much pain and my whole body was shaking by then. We got there and the security guard got me in a wheel chair and ran us up to L & D. When I got in my room they told me to go to the bathroom so they could test it and when I coukdnt even stand up from the wheelchair they realized how much pain I was in. I finally got to the bathroom and this is probably tmi but my urine was all blood. William hid it from me bc he was so freaked out but he told me later. I coukdnt lay down all the way in the bed and I was still shaking all over and the nurse said that the Dr on call thought it sounded like Kidney Stone so they brout in the drip with Phenergran and Demorol. I knew I woukd be knocked out so I got pretty excited. Withing about 30 minutes I was so much more comfortable. They kept fluids in me but I coukdnt drink bc it made me super nauseous. I kept getting up to try to pass it in the little strainer and then I saw all the blood. Yikes. We knew we'd be there for a while so we got settled in and I let my self doze off when I could. I woke up at some point super nauseous and got sick all over myself. Ugh. Ive never not been able to hold it before so I felt so bad but of course W was amazing and the nurse was so sweet. The next day at some point I got an ultrasound of the kidney but bc of Willow everything was all squished so they couldn't see the stone. Later I decided to try and eat but that didn't go so well but luckily this time k made it in the little kidney shaped bucket...how appropriate ;). I think we stayed again that night and I was still just passing the grainy stuff but no stone stone. I got moved to 3 different rooms and then on Monday morning I was sooooo ready to go home and my arm with the IV was feeling so weird so I got them to take it out. My Dr came in around 7 and said that if I continued fluids and procardia and bed rest I could go home. I was sosososo excited! My parents were finally back in town so my mom was at our house waiting for us so W coukd go k work. Have I mentioned how wonderful he was through all this?? I was still kinda sleepy for a couple days but felt so much better and by my Drs appt Thursday I was back to normal, just a bit swollen still from the fluids. Everything was great at the appt and Willow did all her practice breathing :). Friday I woke up in the night with the kidney pain again but took my pain medicine and by the next morning it was manageable.
Saturday some of my sweetest most lifelong church family had a baby shower for Willow. Since nobody knew Willliam, he was able to come also....he was in heaven, he has so much fun around all women, he's so nuts! :). It was at a BEAUTIFUL home and it was decorated soooooo pretty. I look back at the pictures and just dream that one day is can host something that beautiful. I can't even describe how good it felt to see all these ladies. These are the moms of my very best friends who I've known since 2nd grade. William was just so touched by everyone and after we opened her presents they all gathered around us and prayed over us and Willow Kates little life. I get chill bumps now just remembering it. It meant so much to William also that everyone is just so loving and accepting if our blessing. Willow got some precious things and it feels so good to know how loved she is already.
On Sunday it was soo good to be back in church. We had a great message about taming the tongue. We went on a lunch date and it was so nice to be OUT together and in the sunshine! We took a little nap and then W went to the office to get a lot of things done. I still have to tell y'all our big news but I'll do a separate post for that.
Yesterday my mom took me to Babies R Us and I got her pack and play with some gift cards we had gotten. So gad to have that. We had a lunch date at mcalisters and again it was just so nice to be out. We stopped by Target and the grocery store and I was having some pretty good contractions by then so I was ready to get home. W took me to the chiropractor bc my SI Joint stays out of place but other than that I rested the rest of the day. They got pretty bad thrihg the night and still going this morning but I'm not calling the Dr unless my water breaks. I reeaalllyyy wanna make it to the scheduled date!!!!!! I have a Drs appt Thursday so I'll let him know then ;)

I think that catches up all the baby news. She was 5 1/2 pounds last week and doing great. :)
I'll post later about our news! Hope everyones been doing great!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

mission trip

we brought our middle schoolers on a mission trip to tampa fl last week
it was a great week with a great group of students and leaders
we stayed at USF in the dorms and had breakfast and dinner in their cafeteria
we divided into 2 groups to do the tasks the organization had for us
one went to FBC and helped with their summer fun week
the other went to various houses through an organization and did yard work
at the summer fun week 13 children prayed to receive Jesus!
at the yard work houses 1 lady prayed
a few nights we went to malls and 2 people prayed

i was with the yard work groups and we had a good time
lots of memories were made and am very proud of these students
they had good attitudes and truly seemed to enjoy helping other people

steven turned 30 on the trip and my creative friend emily

cut tombstones out of black construction paper and had all the students and leaders write messages on them and we
taped them up and down the hall so when steven woke up he'd see them! very cute and funny.
that night we gave him elastic waist jeans and other elderly items

the last day we went to busch gardens before heading home