Sunday, December 26, 2010


i did it. cant believe it but i did. and im starting all over again today! it really is an awesome workout. here's my experience.

i gained 19 pounds during pregnancy. 6 pounds were baby, 13 pounds were the 876 cinnamon rolls i ate. mmmmm. luckily, it all came off quick and easy and i was pre baby weight in about 2 weeks. at 6 weeks i was dyyyyying to work out and had ordered p90x while pregnant so i was anxious to start. w and i were both hyped up but after about 2 weeks....well, i was solo. BUT he was awesome cheerleader and was such an encouragment to me through the whole thing.

i started off being able to do 5 girl pushups per set and by the end i was doing 30-40. my strength was something i really noticed a difference in.

my most fav workout is by far Kenpo. least favorite is yoga. i would seriously rather sleep in wet pajamas than do it. ugh.

i didnt follow the diet plan bc i eat pretty healthy anyway but a basic day looks like this:

egg beaters and ground turkey for breakfast.
or a cliff bar if im in a hurry....or about to eat my arm.

love a good salad for lunch. crunchy lettuce, nuts, berries and feta. can do without dressing.

usually some sort of snack. eithet an apple with peanut butter or almonds and mini choco chips.

im normally not hungry for supper since i eat a lot early in the day.

i am addicted to froyo. especially sweet tree which happens to be 2 minutes away. i usally get no sugar added vanilla....but only because i require about 3 pounds of topping. o my goodness the toppings. my faves? reeses, cheesecake, brownies, crunch bar, oreos....the list goes on. not all at once...usually.

so all in all i lost 21 inches. not sure about the pounds because the only scale i get on is at the doctors office but ive definitely tightened up all over. i dazzle w with my 12 pack. i kid.

i would recommend this workout to anyone. because u can truly modify any and everything.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Willow Kate 5 Months

Wow, 5 months already!!??
What a sweet, happy baby. You have the sweetest personality and its just developing even more every day.

You are sooo happy and smiley. You are still very laid back and content.

If i put you on your back, you flip to your tummy in a second! You push yourself up so that you dont miss anything. And if im behind you, you will turn that little head as far as you can.

You had your 4 month checkup and shots :(
We also had to bring you in because you had a tiny fever and sounded hoarse. No flu or rsv so we're just keeping an eye on it.

You looove trying new foods. Mommy makes it and i love seeing your tastes develop. So far you like, sweet potato, peas, carrots, pears, banana and green beans. Definitely not so wild about avocado. Ha.

You have a "sleepy song" when you get tired and so i just lay you down on your side with your passy and you go right to sleep. You usually wake up around 6 or 7. Drink a bottle, play, eat a fruit, nap for 3 hours, bottle, play, nap for about an hour, play, eat, nap for 3 hours, eat, play, bath, bottle and bed. :)

You looove being talked to and you respond with a big smile.

You love singing jesus loves me with the motions and doing patty cake. Also the game "i love you thiiiiiiiiiiis much".

You take your passy out, look at it, and put it back in. Over and over.

Aunt zan got you a highchair that we call your "happy chair" and you love being up and watching us in the kitchen.

You really love books. Im so thankful that we have so many.

Daddy had a kidney stone and we had to wake you up early and bring you to nanas so daddy could get to the hospital. It was a long weekend but you were such a sweetie and daddy is all better. You wouldnt fall asleep at nanas until she told you that daddys procedure was over.

We got a real christmas tree and its sooo pretty. And momma turned 27!!

I cant begin to describe our love for you. Daddy and i say that every day. Its just "wow". I am so excited for your first Christmas!!! we love you so much willow kate and feel soooo blessed to be your parents.

Friday, December 17, 2010

im gonna stop putting titles because i always spend too much time thinking of one. cant you tell?

we just got home from the hospital getting an ultrasound of willow kates spine. she was the BEST baby and as happy as can be laying on her belly. it took a while to get a good look but the dr said her spinal cord was NOT tethered!!! wooohooo!!! william prayed this morning and we both had a peace either way. (tethered cord is when your spinal column grows faster that your spinal cord and causes it to stretch and then fray)

i went hunting yesterday. no im sorry, i went HUNTIN. it was pretty awesome hikin through he woods and through big puddles of water to find the perfect spot. i told william, athiest hunters cannot exist. it is absolutely incredible to see the details of Gods creation. we didnt see any deer but it sure was a fun experience.

today is my last day of p90x. i have to have a rest week before i take my after measurements. then i'll do it all over again. because i wanna.

ive been having horrible, vivid nightmares. its really frustrating because i wake up so confused and shaken up because i have to remember whats reality and what was in my dream. ugh. i think im gonna sleep atop a bible tonight.

i stuffed, addressed and stamped a bunch of christmas cards this week and put them in the mailbox only to realize that i forgot to actually put the cards in. so i got them back in time and sat down with some scissors and tape and then realized that i infact DID put the cards in. not sure whats worse, forgetting or not remembering. ha.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

saturday funday?

w's back at it in the deer woods today. he still hasnt found his big mack daddy buck but he loves the hunt way more that the kill. i sound like i know what im talking about, huh?

i think willow kate and i might venture out today and search for some curtains. o curtains, please show yourselves to us today.

yesterday my mom met as at hobby lobby and i got all sorts of things to scratch my crafting itch. shes a crearive genius and i steal my ideas from her. and the world wide web.

i dont know what wikileak is. i could google it i spose but im always careful with what goes on my computers history. too much crime tv.

i started using sauve professional shampoo and it really is as good as the pricey stuff. they even have the aveda rosemary mint knock off. and its super cheap!

i miss my sister like woah. and her boys. jonathan called me the other night just to talk and it just melted my heart. ty leaves me messages on heytell. jj started real school and hes sooo advanced! im proud. his first day of school he got to buy his lunch and he picked nachos and cheese. ha. and another day he couldnt open his water bottle so he was thirsty all day. i just love them so much!!!!

i dont know what to get w for christmas.

making baby food is soooo easy!!! not sure why everyone doesnt do it? u just steam the veggies and then blend it with water. wa-la. if theres a natural disaster of some sort, ive got a freezer full of sweet potatoes so yall come over and we'll have a picnic.

i had a nightmare last night. i hate them.

thats all.


Thursday, December 9, 2010


so life has been happening lately. and for some reason i think i'll remember everything forever and ever but i often have trouble recalling what i wore yesterday. so allow me to blab.

willow is absolutely perfect. im not just saying that. really. shes soooo sweet and only cries when shes hungry, sleepy or hurting. and shes so stinkin cute. she changes and learns every single day. ahhh.

we got a new camera. its a fancy schmancy one and all i know how to do is take a picture but it does take a good one. its a canon rebel something or other. makes me feel all professional when i whip it out.

ive been feeling crafty lately. ive tried to limit my decorating in this house since we dont own it and how do i know itll work in our "real house" but im getting a little restless staring at blank walls and curtainless windows. i love decorating and slowly adding personal touches that just say "home".

i jumped off the edge and got a salted caramel hot chocolate frpm starbucks in target this weekend and oh my stars, i do know what we'll be sipping on when the role is called up yonder. Mm mm mm mm mm. but its pricey so i concocted my own recipe and it'll do my taste buds just fine.

i have the best husband. he's just so good to me and so humble. hes grown a lot these past couple of months especially and my word, sometimes it feels too good to be true.

i hate touch screens. and im typing on one now. just doesnt feel legit.

im dying to go to anthro. 'cept i never buy anything because its oh so expensive and i can find similar things at an antique shop or something.

we got a real tree. its such a treat to breathe in that smell evey day. and im sure all the extra oxygen isnt too bad for us. im no scientist so i
may have that wrong. i am a superhero though. just so you know.

i have one more week left of p90x. cant believe i did it. my partner dropped off the radar at about week 2 but not me. no sir. i'll post my final results.

i wish i could teleport. real bad. and i wish i never had to go to the supermarket or post office or bank. and while im at it, i wish for a money tree and a cure for cancer and brittle bone disease.

you have not cuz you ask not. just a little reminder.

w is hunting today. and my laundry room smells of dirt. it tickles me the lengths they go to to trek through the forest undetectable. they have to take a shower with a "scent away" soap. then launder all their loot in "dirt" scented laundry soap. and if thats not enough, they spray themselves with doe URINE!!!! woah dang. thats some serious hunger for deer burgers.



Saturday, November 27, 2010

Willow Kate 4 Months

Willow, for the last two months, you change every day!! Sometimes more often than that! What a sweet personality you have. As long as mommy is right there you are as happy as can be.

-you now eat rice cereal. we mix brown rice cereal with a little bit of formula and sometimes some banana and you are really getting the hang of it. you open your mouth for bites now and its the sweetest thing.

-youve been waking up at night for your passy but you dont eat in the night. you usually sleep for 12-13 hours. we try to keep you up past 6 but youre more of a morning girl. so am i :)

-we went on a trip to nashville and were were a little sweetie. you got to meet daddys friend, richard.

-its your first thanksgiving. All of daddys family (16 of us) met at a beautiful lake house in hot springs arkansas and have had the best time. you werent sure what to think about so many people but everyone loves you so much!

-youve become very clingy to mommy. its precious to me and it makes my heart melt. i always wanted my mommy too. i still do :)

-you sat up for a few seconds but we're not quite there yet. maybe by christmas?

-youre reaching for things now. you figured put that your passy goes in your mouth. youre aim will get better. :)

-mommy put up some christmas lights and you love looking at them. wait til you see a christmas tree!!

-youve rolled over both ways now but you dont do it too often.

-when i hold you up like and airplane, you laugh. :)

we love you so much, willow kate. i know you can feel it. and your daddy and i love eachother so much! i know you can feel that too :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Willow Kate 3 Months!

3 Months

-you have changed so much these last few weeks! You are so alert and make eye contact with everyone you see. You look at your toys and the books i read to you.

-you "talk" so much when we talk to you. Its so precious! Sometimes it seems like you can't contain your excitement! It makes us sooo happy!

-we are finally able to make you smile. Its sooooo amazing to see my little one so happy :) :). If i walk away and then come back you get so happy!! Its such a reassuring feeling to KNOW and SEE that you're happy!

-you do great at tummy time and hold your head high. You still like to army crawl and you can really go! You like to lay on your side!

- we got u a bouncy seat and you really like it. You reach out and touch the little toys. You've accidently made the music play on some of your toys so im sure youll figure it out soon!

-you took your first trip to the woods with daddy. He took you and your cousins jonjon and ty while the big girls went to the canton flea market. He wore you in the little kangaroo pouch and you did great! I told him to make sure you were warm and he dressed you in a snowsuit :)

-aunt kristi came to visit with your cousins and you just love them so much! Those boys adore you!! Jonjon loooves to hold you and feed u and tyler makes sure u have your passy. We went to the science museum and u got to see all the fish!

-you laughed out loud!!! Poppy was playing with you and you laughed several times!!! We all laughed too!! Now you do it almost every day! Its the most precious sound!

-we had your baby dedication at pinelake. It was soo special! You were so sweet the whole time and you were the tiniest baby.

-youve started teething! You had been fussy (which isnt like u) and were chewing on your fists and then it finally occured to me what was happening. We think we feel a little bump on the bottom. I cant wait until it comes in! :)

-we've got a great routine at night. Youre doing so much better if you go to bed early so around 5:30 we give you a bath which you LOVE, then play for a little bit. Then at around 6 or 6:30 (when your eyes get pink) i feed you and rock you and sing to you and have our prayer time. When im singing or humming, you "sing" with me. I LOVe it!! Then you lay dowm without any fuss and go to sleep. You are sych a good baby!!

-the past few nights youve been sleeping for 11-12 hours, eating and then sleeping for another hour or so!! Its tough being so cute!!

We love you so much and are soooo enjoying getting to know you!! You are the biggest blessing we could imagine and we are sooo thankful for you!!! I just cannot imagine this world without you!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Willow Kate 2 Months

You are two months old today. It's gone by soooo fast, yet it seems like so long ago that your daddy walked you over to me in the OR. You've grown soooo much these past couple of weeks...

-We think you weigh about 10 pounds or close to it. You're finally filling out and getting little rolls on your legs. :)

-You are still so good and content. You only cry when you're hungry.

-Your baths and your morning massages from mommy are your favorite times of the day.

-You love tummy time :)

-You sat in a bumbo the other night and you hold yourself up so good. You are so strong!

-You still eat 4 ounces about every 3 hours during the day. At night you go to bed before 8 and then wake up at about 12 or 1 to eat and then again at 6:30 or 7:30. Daddy and I take turns getting up with you.

-We went to a retirement home yesterday and the senior adults looooooooved you!! Several said that they wished a baby would come in sometime. You're already doing your part!

-In the mornings after you eat, momma and daddy work out and you love to watch us. You must think we're pretty silly.

-You are wearing size 1 diapers and 0-3 month clothes. You're getting too long for your newborn dresses but the onesies still fit.

-You started "talking" a couple of weeks ago and we can tell you're curious about where that little voice is coming from.

-You are starting to know who you are in the mirror.

-You don't smile much but we know you can because you've done it a few times. I think you just like to take it all in. You are so happy though, especially in the morning when you wake up.

-We watch you on the video monitor and daddy and I just stare at you and as soon as you open an eye, we race in to get you!! We love you sooo much!!

-We had our first "date" since you were born and nana babysat you. You did you good and slept great that night! We went to a movie but thought about you the whole time.

-You army crawl during belly time and it's soo cute. I know you'll be moving soon.

-You and mommy had a BIG ADVENTURE when we FLEW to see aunt kristi, uncle steven and your cousins, Jonathan and Tyler in Ft. Myers. You were soooo good and slept most of the plane ride! Your cousins love you so much and helped to hold and feed you and give you your passy. Aunt Kristi even stayed up with you at night! :)

-You had your first shots. Oh my goodness, Willow, it was sooo hard for mommy and daddy. Our tummies were in knots and you were so happy showing Dr. Rey how you can roll over and plank and you had no idea what was coming. We got to hold onto you and as soon as it was over we wrapped you up in our arms and held you so tight. You calmed down quickly but we were still shaky. I saved your banaids :)

-You love being read to! You look up at us and it's so cute. We read our Bible every day, I want you to be familiar with all the names and stories and I pray for the day that you'll ask Jesus to come into your heart like daddy and mommy did. :)

-You also love hymns...especially Jesus is the Sweetest Name I Know and There's Just Something About that Name.

-"Hollywood" is filming a movie right now on the street that we lived in when you were in my tummy. Very exciting ;)

You're such a sweet blessing to us and so many people and I am so so so very thankful for you. I tell daddy all the time that if I had known it was you in my belly, I never would have been so scared when we found out we were expecting. You are such a gift and we are so thankful for you!


6 Weeks

2 Months

Thursday, September 16, 2010

this is jonathan

i got in a bear fight and a tiger fight a lion fight cheetah fight panther fight leopard fight and they all fought me together but i got all the people in the world every person i could get to help me and i won that's how i got that fracture. the end

i'm a really happy boy i like to climb i like to run that's all

my family is very nice they love me they care for me and i love them very much

i wish to be in the army

um i want to have grilled cheese the end

i know a lot about Jesus

the end

jonathan anderson

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Willow Kate One Month Old

This is almost a month late but here is Willow Kates One Month Highlights :)

You eat so good. Every 2-3 hours. You still wake up in the night to eat

I feed you breast milk but we started you on formula also because I couldn't keep up with you. You like them both but I feel better when you nurse :)

You've been lifting your head since you were born and you've just gotten even stronger. The doctor was even amazed by your strength. During tummy time you love to scoot and try to roll over.

You weigh a little over 7 pounds now and we can tell you're growing. You still wear newborn diapers and 0-3 month clothes are so big on you so you mostly wear onsies.

You are focusing on us now but don't smile on purpose yet. We can't wait for that!

You love when we give you clay baths. It is so relaxing for you.

You are so content. You only cry when it's time to eat or when we change your diaper. You had a really bad diaper rash and I think I cried more than you!!

You've already been to the beach! We visited your uncle Kevin in Pensacola and you loved the warmth and the sound of the ocean. You liked the sand on your feet but not too crazy about the cold water.

You got in the hot tub with me last week (not too hot of course) and you loved it so much. You were so relaxed with your arms and legs all stretched out.

Mommy and daddy love music and you love to be in between us when we slowdance :)

We've been going to the village (our clinic in highland village) more and you do so good even though it gets a little cold sometimes and we have to go outside and warm up. As soon we step out, you fall asleep. It's so funny. You LOVE being outside just like mommy and daddy.

When we run errands, you like to be in your sling with me and daddy carries you in a tummy back.

You get so much attention when we go out and you deserve every bit of it :)

We can't believe how much you've changed. We love you so much and are enjoying every minute of getting to know you!

New Born

One Month

so many things

kristi from fort myers here ......

i don't even remember what i blogged about last, guess i should have looked!
in no particular i will post 9 things that come to mind....

jonathan had a pretty big deal head injury last month. long story short he fractured his head between his eyes kind of slanted down between his eye and nose.

he plays soccer. his coaches are tough but this is good. in this pic he's the one on the left.

we started school last week (homeschool) and it is going well. he's a smart kid and loves to learn so it makes my part easier.

tyler loves to do "school" to and we do letters and colors and have fun with things that 3 year olds enjoy.

jonathan does PE 2 times a week at the church. he enjoys it and it's so good for him to exersize and play with other kids. we are only doing it for the month of September. ($)
tyler and i either run errands or come home so he can nap and i can get some housework done.

tyler is a lot of fun and loves to do whatever jonathan does. he has a great personality but likes to be grumpy too. he makes a very serious face and can win the staring contest.

my friend emily is in italy on a mission trip for 3 months. check out her blog

jonathan said some interesting things today as he does most days.

"i want to be buried next to jonathan when i die. since he was dad's friend he's my friend too. he seems like he was a really nice guy. his mom miss dottie showed me pictures and he looks really nice too. so yeah i want to be buried next to him in mississippi."

earlier i heard him tell tyler "you know tyler just because mom can't see you doesn't mean you can do that. God sees you all the time."

"mom i really want to see a mustard seed because you know that if you have faith the size of a mustard seed you can move a mountain."

tyler likes to say things he hears on tv and pretend to be different characters. he likes for steven, jonathan, and i to pretend too.
pretty cute to see a 3 year olds mind come to life. he loves to have books read to him. i think we could read all day and he wouldn't get bored. after we read to him he likes to "read" it back to us. precious!

my sister and willow came for a visit last weekend. willow was 6 weeks old and absolutely precious! so so so glad they came so i could see her before she got too big. we had lots of fun. my friend emily took pics of willow. here are two of the pics she took below. check her out at

i think that was 9!
i have one hour to get my house spotless.......

kristi <3

Saturday, September 11, 2010

it's pretty hard typing with one hand so the blogging has been pushed aside for now. BUT i do wanna be able to look back and read things so i'm gonna try. and my sister better too :)

i have my "one month" post that i need to put up and it's almost time for the next one! wow!

we are really adjusting to having this little one in our family and i can hardly remember what it was like without her. it is so incredible to TRULY love someone unconditionally. she can never ever do anything that could make me love her any less...such an overwhelming feeling to know that thats how MY parents feel about me. what a gift parents get to experience. so so thankful.

willow and i took our first trip together this past weekend. my little jet setter has been to 6 states in the first 6 weeks of her life. she was soo good on the flight! people were pretty rude to me though when i first got on b/c i'm sure they thought "o great, a screaming baby" but towards the end they started commenting on how good and sweet she was. duh, its MY baby, lol.

she had her first shots the DAY we left. w and i had knots in our stomach and she loves her dr so she was showing off how she could flip over and do planks and was sooo happy so when it came time to do shots, we felt even worse. the first one she didn't cry and then all of a sudden she realized it hurt and poor little thing cried so hard. as soon as it was over, i grabbed her and cuddled her and w wrapped his arms around both of us and she calmed down pretty quick. the nurses said they didn't even hear her outside the door though. it breaks my heart to see TEARS though. agh!! i kept up with her tylenol the rest of the day and she didn't react at all. so blessed.

tummy time before shots

after shots :(

we had sooo much fun in ft myers while w had a blast dove hunting with his dad. special times for both of us even though we missed each other like crazy. it was so neat to see jonathan and tyler with willow. they were so good to her. and it was soooo nice to spend that time with my sister and brother in law. kristi even got up with willow so i could sleep!!! they're coming here in october and i am SOOOO excited!!!

my seester

sweet boys

hope everyone is happy and healthy

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mommy must-haves...and have-nots

I researched as much as I could on what things were really NECESSARY and for me personally, this is what I've discovered.

Must haves...

-Medela breast pump. The electric one. I prefer to only do one at a time so the double isn't necessary but that's what I have. It was worth every penny. Trust me.

-Baby bathtub. This is scrazy but as I'm typing shes laying in her bathtub (no water) on her sleeping wedge and blanket. When I need to do laundry I just pick her up and take it with me. :)

-The sleeping wedge. No that's not the name of it but it keeps them on their back and from rolling over and is sort of a tiny ramp to help prevent gas, spit up, etc. It's so co forging knowing she's sleeping on this.

-Noise machine. It's so great and has a "womb" setting which whe loves. I got ours at babies r us.

-Boudreaux Barrier Spray. This was a life saver for this diaper rash. You can spray it every change and it keeps Anything from coming in conta t with skin.

-Pampers swaddles are great bc they have a line that turns green when she's wet. Also the Huggies Organics are good too ESP until their umbilical cord comes off...they dip down in the front.

-Baby swing and Boppy LOUNGER (not Boppy)

-socks, socks, socks, socks. And socks.

-nursing pads. I got the knees that stick and I love them.

-keep your house stocked with one handed foods. Grapes, kasha bars, etc. Also if your like me, I've not had an appetite and so m'lis nutrition shakes have been a lifesaver.

-tons of receiving blankets. The ones that are 36" or larger work best for swaddling. Swell for Target makes them

Have-Nots...(or can waits)

-Boppy. A pillow works just as well.

-I woukd wait on overstocking on wipes bc your baby may be sensitive to one. We think that's what bothered willow.

-hand help breast pump. I got one and it took 30 minutes to get what the medela will get in 30 seconds.

-this may be different if you bottle feed but I've not yet used one bib. Willow doesn't spit up so I am only using burp cloths for random things but glad I have them.

*side note...

This is a personal decision but after a very interesting conversation with my bff Emily, who is I believe a phsycology major, ive learned that letting your child watch TV before they're 2 increases their risk of ADD and several other things by 50% because their brains aren't designed for that yet. That's why baby toys are made the way they are. The colors, the high pitched sounds. Now I know many SMART children who have watched TV and kids movies since they could focus but personally, I wont be putting her in front of the baby Einstein DVDs I got at a garage sale. But I'll interact with her in different ways. Again, this is a personal decision and not right or wrong just what we've decided.

Welcome Willow Kate

Well I'm typing on the iPad and I don't know how to add pics but you've seen this little girl on Facebook :)

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since she was born and shes not even "due" for 8 more days!! You preggo girls have ALL my sympathy!!

Well she came early b/c after a routine checkup then a stop at a fetal ultrasound specialist, it was determined that there was an unsafe amount of amniotic fluid to keep her in any longer. So we scheduled the c-section for the next day.

We were soo excited and I was soo nervous all of a sudden but we had THE MOST incredible team of dr's and nurses worming wih us. The c-section itself was a breeze and we all kept each other laughing. In minutes, she was born and we heard the most beautiful sound...her CRY!! Dr Wooley had prepared us nit to hear her cry and for her to be taken to the NICU if there were any questions since she's a peemie but she was perfect!! She was born at 13:13 and weighed 6 pounds even and is a little 18.5 inches. W got to bring her out to see the family and I finally got to hold her in my arms in recovery. It was instant love. I got to feed her and she is a natural. God is so incredible in His plan and design in all things.

We had a great stay in the hospital. The recovery was a little more intense thatk expected but just part of it.

We went home 3 days later and have really adjusted well. W took off the week and is slowly working back to his schedule this week. Willow is such a good eater, every 2-3 hours and is the MOST content baby vie ever seen. She o ky cries when she's hungry. She is getting over a terrible diaper rash and I think vie cried mire than her. I wish so bad I coukd take it from her.

She had her 2 week "well baby" checkup yesterday and they were so pleased. We LOVE her pediatrician! She's back up to her birthweight but my poor little runt is in the 5-10% on her height, weight and head. Shes gonna be a tiny thing.

It's almost feeding time so I better run! Thanks for any and all prayers!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Little running joke we have about how the ICU really got it's gowns and the way it's impossible to be modest wearing them. That kinda sums up the past few weeks in the Boren house. Let's see, 3 weekends ago I had been having steady contractions so I was just trying to relax and chill out. One of our therapists came to the house and gave me an awesome relaxation massage, w and I got pedicures...and during ghe pedicure I was sweating bullets and was squirming out of the chair I was contracting so bad. We decided to get a couple movies and chill out in bed that night. Well, it got to the point where I couldnt talk through them so we went ahead and called the nurse on call. She said to go ahead to Labor and Delivery and they would stop them. We didn't bring anything with us because we thigh it woukd take a couple hours max. I got all checked in and the MOST amazing nurses work at Baptist. They hooked me up and started monitering and I was definitely having "beautiful" spiky contractions as they called them. I got a drip and then they gave me the turbutaline shot. Wow, if you've ever had one, you know it feels like Speed. Not that I literally know but I'd imagine. It makes your heart race (120ish) and you get super shaky and its just weird. It helped for about 10 minutes so they gave me another one. That one didn't help. I started taking Procardia which helps to stop contractions also. My Dr was on call that weekend so he was in constant contact with the nurses. I was soo bummed when they said we had to stay the night but W was sooo good to me!! He laid with me and brushed my hair off my forehead all night. They gave me something to make me sleepy and it helped the pain sooo much and by the morning I was down to only 4 an hour so they let me go home. The Dr put me on strict bed rest with only bathroom privileges so Williams mom came and stayed with me while he was at work during the week. My parents were in Pennsylvania. On Thursday or Friday, my bf Jennifer came and brought me some yummy soup from BroadStreet and helped pass a couple hours. Soon after she left though, I had a dull ache in my back on the side. I changed positions but just coukdnt get comfortable. It started to get steadily worse so I asked W to call me when he could, no rush though. It seems like as soon as I sent that, it went into triple time and within the hour I wa sobbing in pain. I have never ever felt anything like it. He rushed home and we called the Dr. I tried to get up and could not put any weight on my left side and could not stop crying. I very rarely cry from pain so it was weird for me to not be able to control it. We thought that Willow may have her foot on a nerve or something but the nurse said it sounded like Labor so William got me to the car (not really sure how) and he drove 100 mph to the hospital, I didn't even care at that point if we got in a wreck. He went through red lights and everything, ha! I was in soooo much pain and my whole body was shaking by then. We got there and the security guard got me in a wheel chair and ran us up to L & D. When I got in my room they told me to go to the bathroom so they could test it and when I coukdnt even stand up from the wheelchair they realized how much pain I was in. I finally got to the bathroom and this is probably tmi but my urine was all blood. William hid it from me bc he was so freaked out but he told me later. I coukdnt lay down all the way in the bed and I was still shaking all over and the nurse said that the Dr on call thought it sounded like Kidney Stone so they brout in the drip with Phenergran and Demorol. I knew I woukd be knocked out so I got pretty excited. Withing about 30 minutes I was so much more comfortable. They kept fluids in me but I coukdnt drink bc it made me super nauseous. I kept getting up to try to pass it in the little strainer and then I saw all the blood. Yikes. We knew we'd be there for a while so we got settled in and I let my self doze off when I could. I woke up at some point super nauseous and got sick all over myself. Ugh. Ive never not been able to hold it before so I felt so bad but of course W was amazing and the nurse was so sweet. The next day at some point I got an ultrasound of the kidney but bc of Willow everything was all squished so they couldn't see the stone. Later I decided to try and eat but that didn't go so well but luckily this time k made it in the little kidney shaped appropriate ;). I think we stayed again that night and I was still just passing the grainy stuff but no stone stone. I got moved to 3 different rooms and then on Monday morning I was sooooo ready to go home and my arm with the IV was feeling so weird so I got them to take it out. My Dr came in around 7 and said that if I continued fluids and procardia and bed rest I could go home. I was sosososo excited! My parents were finally back in town so my mom was at our house waiting for us so W coukd go k work. Have I mentioned how wonderful he was through all this?? I was still kinda sleepy for a couple days but felt so much better and by my Drs appt Thursday I was back to normal, just a bit swollen still from the fluids. Everything was great at the appt and Willow did all her practice breathing :). Friday I woke up in the night with the kidney pain again but took my pain medicine and by the next morning it was manageable.
Saturday some of my sweetest most lifelong church family had a baby shower for Willow. Since nobody knew Willliam, he was able to come also....he was in heaven, he has so much fun around all women, he's so nuts! :). It was at a BEAUTIFUL home and it was decorated soooooo pretty. I look back at the pictures and just dream that one day is can host something that beautiful. I can't even describe how good it felt to see all these ladies. These are the moms of my very best friends who I've known since 2nd grade. William was just so touched by everyone and after we opened her presents they all gathered around us and prayed over us and Willow Kates little life. I get chill bumps now just remembering it. It meant so much to William also that everyone is just so loving and accepting if our blessing. Willow got some precious things and it feels so good to know how loved she is already.
On Sunday it was soo good to be back in church. We had a great message about taming the tongue. We went on a lunch date and it was so nice to be OUT together and in the sunshine! We took a little nap and then W went to the office to get a lot of things done. I still have to tell y'all our big news but I'll do a separate post for that.
Yesterday my mom took me to Babies R Us and I got her pack and play with some gift cards we had gotten. So gad to have that. We had a lunch date at mcalisters and again it was just so nice to be out. We stopped by Target and the grocery store and I was having some pretty good contractions by then so I was ready to get home. W took me to the chiropractor bc my SI Joint stays out of place but other than that I rested the rest of the day. They got pretty bad thrihg the night and still going this morning but I'm not calling the Dr unless my water breaks. I reeaalllyyy wanna make it to the scheduled date!!!!!! I have a Drs appt Thursday so I'll let him know then ;)

I think that catches up all the baby news. She was 5 1/2 pounds last week and doing great. :)
I'll post later about our news! Hope everyones been doing great!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

mission trip

we brought our middle schoolers on a mission trip to tampa fl last week
it was a great week with a great group of students and leaders
we stayed at USF in the dorms and had breakfast and dinner in their cafeteria
we divided into 2 groups to do the tasks the organization had for us
one went to FBC and helped with their summer fun week
the other went to various houses through an organization and did yard work
at the summer fun week 13 children prayed to receive Jesus!
at the yard work houses 1 lady prayed
a few nights we went to malls and 2 people prayed

i was with the yard work groups and we had a good time
lots of memories were made and am very proud of these students
they had good attitudes and truly seemed to enjoy helping other people

steven turned 30 on the trip and my creative friend emily

cut tombstones out of black construction paper and had all the students and leaders write messages on them and we
taped them up and down the hall so when steven woke up he'd see them! very cute and funny.
that night we gave him elastic waist jeans and other elderly items

the last day we went to busch gardens before heading home

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Kristi is on a mission trip but she WILL be posting ALL about her life when she returns. Otherwise, I am posting a "cute" video I've got stashed away for times like these ;)

This weekend was full of excitement. We've had a baby shower in Tupelo planned for us for a while now but I don't think either of us realized how far along I'd be. Since we were there on his dads B-day weekend, we went up a day early (Friday) and had a surprise bday dinner for his dad. We left at about 4 and on the way there, I started getting pretty uncomfortable. I was having a lot of new lower pack pain that wrapped around my lower abs so we got out and walked around about half way. The closer we got to Tupelo, the more it went from uncomfortable to pretty painful. We went straight to the restaurant and the pain got worse and worse and my belly would get so tight and when it got to the point that it was hard to talk, we went outside and called my mom. She said to call the DRs office just to let them know. The nurse on call called us right back and said to go ahead and get to the ER just to be monitored. We checked in and they were sooo sweet. It's hospital policy that they have to transfer me to the women's place by ambulance so I was glad when the nice men let me ride up front. I told them I reallly didn't want to ride where all the blood and guts have been. W followed us over there and by that time, I didn't fuss about riding in the wheelchair. They brought me to L&D and the nurse came and hooked me up to the heart rate monitor and contraction monitor. Her heart was as perfect as ever and they monitored my contractions for about 30 minutes before the Dr came in. He was SOOO kind and it was his last night of OB before retiring. He showed me the contractions on the paper and after the exam and no dilation that it was probably caused by the car ride and dehydration. He gave me some Benadryll to help me relax and encouraged me to come back anytime that I felt bad so we left and went to go find a hotel room. I guess there was a big baseball competiton so the first 3 hotels we checked were full. Finally we checked in at a Hilton and I could hardly walk up to the room. Dramatic, huh? Whatev, it hurt. I stayed in bed ALL day on Saturday to rest up for our shower that night and W was right beside me, except when I forced him to go have lunch with one of his bf's. At about 4, I felt pretty much back to normal so I started getting ready. The shower was at a dear family friends house and it was beautiful. They held it in the courtyard and it was just soso nice to meet all of these people I've heard about for so long. It was a couples shower and such a big turnout, I was surprised. It was amazing to hear and see how loved and respected my husband is, even though he was CRAZY growing up. Boy did I hear some stories!! Everyone was so welcoming of me and so happy for our family. I sat down a little bit but after about 3 1/2 hours I couldn't do it anymore and W knew we has pushed it so we said our thank you's and goodbyes and went back to rest. Sunday we didn't rush and at around 11 we went back to their house to pick up our presents and visit over coffee for a bit. Again, it was so good to finally know these special people. We had lunch and headed back. W had set up a little "bed" in the back so I could lay down but I was so antsy it didn't last too long :)

Since everything turned out well, we are kind of thankful that we had the little scare b/c we realize Willow Kate IS coming and may not wait until her due date so we kicked it into high gear when we got home. BIG things are happening with our business that I'll be able to talk about more later so we are kicking it into overdrive to get some things settled before she comes. I've been taking it a lot easier but it is SO HARD. Especially with your own business b/c it's completely up to you to get things done. I ordered an iPad today so that I can work a lot easier away from the office. Last night, my dad took me to Babies R Us to get some must haves for Willow's arrival. I have everything washed and ready so her room is all ready and everytime I walk by, I get the biggest smile on my face. I sit in her rocking chair and talk to her and I get so excited thinking about meeing her.

We had our checkup this morning and they did the testing on her with sonogram. There were 4 tests but the only one I remember is her breathing test. That perfectly formed little girl took big breaths and scored and 8 out of 8!!! She's 4 lbs 11 oz and healthy as can be with a full head of thick hair. I just love day dreamin about what color it will be and whose eyes and nose she will have. Dr. Wooley said he would go ahead and put down August 5th for the c-section but he'll be very surprised if she waits that long. I'm excited in a way but I thought that since she was scheduled, I'd get to skip "going into labor". Oh well, at least I can say I went though it! So we are packing our hospital bags and ready to go. I feel like my instincts are getting my body ready for something big. Just little things happening that are new and different so I'm guessing a couple weeks from now, we might see something happen. Who knows. I know God is in absolute control as He has been since before we even knew about her.

We start the weekly appointments now so we'll see how we progress. :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

about my pregnancy :)

Your name? Kimberly

Fathers name? William

Are you still with him? forever and ever

Were you trying to get pregnant? definitely not

When you found out:

When did you find out? December 8th

Were did you find out? I was at my apartment and asked W to bring over a test. The black women at the pharmacy told him exactly which kind to get, lol.

How far along were you? by the time i saw the dr, i was 4 weeks i think

What was your reaction? devastated, scared, ashamed....tears were pouring out and i kept saying "nonononononononono. do u think it's real? nonononononononono"

Who was the first person you told? Jennifer, she's the one that told me I needed to take a test

How did you tell the father? he was right there when i saw the plus sign

What was his reaction? he held me so tight and was comforting me but he was already so excited, he saw beyond the present situation and already realized what a blessing she was

All about your pregnancy:

When is your due date? Originally August 15 but she's a c-section so probably the 4-5th.

Did you have any morning sickness? yes, really bad from about 4-12 weeks

What are your fears? her cord wrapping around her neck :(

What are you most happy about? EVERYTHING...that this is real and I get to meet her in a few weeks and be her mommy forever

Did you want a boy or girl? it didn't matter at all b/c i want both :)

What did the father want boy or girl? it didnt matter but he said he KNEW it was a girl as soon as he saw the positive

Do you know what your having? a girl :)

Do you have a name picked out? Willow Kate

How much weight have you gained? 14 pounds

Have you felt the baby move? alll the time, it's amazing!!

When you have the baby:

Are you keeping the baby? pretty sure ;) no really though, i can't imagine what those mommys go through that give their baby up, what a sacrifice!!

Do you plan on a natural or medicated birth? me-di-ca-ted

Are you scared about labor? nope :)

What do you think will be the worst part of labor? recovery

Have you taken any classes? nah, i'd rather not see all that.

Who will be in the delivery room? since it's c-section, only w can be there but i WISH so bad it was w, my mom and sister

Are you having the birth videotaped? it'll be asking a lot for w not to pass out at all so we won't push that :)

Do you think you will cry when you see the baby for the first time? uncontrollably.

What do you think the fathers reaction to the baby will be? same, hes so in love with her

How do you think family and friends will feel? happy :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

For Kristi...

So, seester. In case you feel in a rut or just too busy to make little decisions like this, I've put together a few things I think you would look sosososo cute in!!!!

I love this little Romper for you. I told you that you could really pull it off and I think this is the perfect casual one!

I'd keep it simple with accessories with this cute pendant necklace and this simple right-hand ring


These gold flats would go with so many things while you can still chase after the little ones!

I really love this purse but,

You'd probably be more comfortable in this one.

Oh and how could I forget your ride??

This lovely, white Toyota Sequoia :)

What do you think??

*(All clothing/jewlery/shoes are from Forever 21. Purses are from Hobo International)


Monday, June 21, 2010

Daddy W

Willow Kate and I really enjoyed spoiling W yesterday for his first Fathers Day. We got up early and I made whole wheat pancakes with mini chocolate chips and strawberry "butter" and fresh fruit. (why would i serve rotten fruit, anyway. whatev) Then I had gotten him a bag of his favorite flavor coffee from Beagle Bagel and made him that also. When we brought it in, he cried. It was so sweet b/c he really really appreciated it. P.S. The pic looks awful and yes I did burn 2 of them but he said they were amazing...b/c he's amazing like that. Ha!

Then we got him a "certificate" for another pair of 5-finger shoes b/c they are sold out everywhere. And an Anatomy Coloring Book he wanted. It's for when you're studying, you color in the different muscles, etc to learn better. I LOVE that he always wants to learn MORE.

We got ready and went to church (it's been 2 weeks since we've been b/c of traveling) and it was SO good. We've been in a serious called "Sex Talk" and it's exactly what it sounds like. Yesterday was how to be a great lover and it was soooo good and just makes SO much sense. The best part was when he said "some nights are candle light and barry white...others will be strobe lights and apple bottom jeans". wow.

W picked where he wanted to eat lunch so we went to Pan Asia. Sat on the patio and the breeze was perfect and the food was of course great. Company was even better ;)

W has been wanted to get me a dress for a while so we went to the mall to try to find something for me to wear at our Tupelo shower this weekend. We found one option but we didn't LOVE it so I'll keep looking this week.
We came up to the office to put our new chairs from Ikea together and they look great!

We took a little dip in the hot tub (i should call it lukewarm tub so no one freaks out) and then W had to decide what he wanted for dinner. I offered to cook but it had to be what he reaaalllyy wanted. He picked Soulshine Pizza. I went to pick it up and the men couldn't believe he "made his pregnant wife come out in the hot sun to get it" and I assured them that he is soooo good to me that it is my PLEASURE to do things for him. It really is.

He finished his day with a massage from a therapist that comes to the house to work on him. It's this HUGE almost 400 pound man that we love. While he was doing that, I hung up EVERY ARTICLE OF CLOTHING WE OWN. Okay people, i should have taken pics. I am sosososososo bad about not hanging stuff up. You can always tell where I changed clothes b/c they'll be sitting there a week later right where I left them. It's been weighing on me to get this done but just haven't had the chance. I gotta say, it felt SO good getting in bed last night knowing we were organized and it would take no time to find clothes in the morning. I also color coded everything like I used to do so even better! W is happy too :)

We've got a busy week again (thank you, God) and then we'll head to Tupelo for the weekend. Hopefully this will be my last trip before Willow comes. :)


Saturday, June 19, 2010


We had the BEST weekend on our little work/play getaway. We worked Thursday and I had the car all loaded so we could take off after our last appt. We had decided to just drive to wherever and stop when we got tired so we ended up about 30 minutes out of Atlanta. The trip FLEW by for both of radio, just talking :) We leaded out the next morning and drove straight to IKEA. We looove IKEA for little accessories and simple pieces so we knew we would load up.
3ish hours later, we headed to Atlantic Station for lunch at a little Bistro and enjoyed sitting outside people watching.
We got to our hotel which was where W's CEU classes were and it was awful. We asked to look at a room and W said he could NOT leave us in there so we found a super cute one across the street and we got upgraded and $40 knocked off for our "trouble"!! He had night classes that night and after we realized Atlanta is an hour AHEAD, we realized he had to be there in about 15 minutes to rush over there. Willow and I chilled and then W brought us dinner.
I haven't been doing to great on my little outings these days (get dizzy and light headed alot) so I wasn't sure how to plan my days. I decided to just chill out by the pool on Saturday and he came and visited me for lunch. After that I thought I'd venture out for about an hour so I found a Forever 21 and got a couple things but headed straight back just in case. We went to Atlantic Station again that night for dinner and walked around their little street market. W got me the coolest bracelet! Oh I forgot, BEFORE that, W had asked me to come to his class b/c he wanted his instructor to show him how to best help my ribs. Well, she decided to "experiment" with these little herbal things that you light with a lighter and then suction to your skin. She had them lined up all down my back and ribs and they were like little smoke signals. It didn't help the pain but I was sooooo relaxed. I felt like I'd had a hit of demoral or something. She also put accupressure beads on my ear to help with headache and I was to leave them on for 5 days. The next morning I woke up super sick and realized one of them had come off so she said it could have caused an imbalance and I did the right thing by taking the rest off.

Sunday was his last day of class and I met his group for lunch. He was done around 4 or 5 and we drove to Bham. We stayed at aloft hotel and it's sooooooo cute. We had dinner at Jackson's (a place in nashville i love) and had AMAZING cookie dough egg rolls for dessert. They sound gross but it's raw cookie dough rolled in a thin pastry (like phyllo) with icecream on top. We could only eat a couple bites but he HAD to try it!!
Monday, we were in no rush to get back so we went to the Summit and had lunch (the BIGGEST salad ever at CPK) and browsed in a few stores. I finally found a diaper bag for wk! It's from GAP and was way on sale and it's white with brown leather details and kind denimy and so cute!! We headed home and again the trip just flew by. It was soooo nice to be able to mix work and play like that!
We've had a BUSY week since we've been back in the office! Yesterday I was on our bank account page and saw some weird transactions and realized someone in GEORGIA was using our debit card!!! They had already charged about $1200, including a nice little snack at cracker barrel. Ugh. Luckily we have the most amazing bank and "banker" that immediately took care of it. We caught it just in time, thank goodness!
We finally have our hot tub up and running and it's been sooooooo nice to chill out in the evenings and mornings. It's set on the perfect temp so it's just warm enough to relax your muscles but not to get over heated. And of course with WK, thats important! :)

We're going to do a super fun "boho inspired" belly shoot today with my bf Jenny McNeill. She's sooo talented and I can't wait to see what she has up her lil sleeve!!

WK and I are very excited for Father's Day tomorrow! We have a lot of little surprises in the works ;)


Friday, June 18, 2010

Our Mother

People I'm telling you. Our mother is the most hilarious person you will ever meet and she doesn't even realize it. I SOOO wish she'd blog!! Today is her B-day and we were going to pick blueberries but the farm that has them was closed. Ugh. So we went to Barnes and Noble and so I could get something I needed. A book obviously, not trying to be sneaky.

We park the car and there's a car in front of us with a hole in the front bumper and I asked her how she thought it got there. She said, oh a deer mustve stopped it with it's hoove. Yes, that must be what happened.

Then inside theres a man giving his sales pitch to a woman in starbucks and my mom says, I'm gonna go whisper in that womans ear "Everything he is saying to you is complete BONK!". What in the world is bonk anyway? LoL.

Then as we were walking out, she asked me what was "clattering" in my purse. I told her to guess and she says, Malted Milk Balls in a Tupperware. It was Tylenol but the other would have been so much more reasonable.

Seriously, my stomach hurts after being with her b/c it's one thing after the other that is so stinking funny. I love her.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

questions from kimberly to kristi

What did you last pay for with cash? sprite for the boys yesterday

What color is your toenail polish and why did you pick it? it's like a rusty brownish color. sounds ugly huh?! i picked it because i think my sister had the same color. but now i'm ready to go back to red or something brighter

Post the most recent picture you uploaded and explain.

i'm a little behind on uploading pics but this was when jonathan had pink eye and we used the miracle clay to see if it would help. and it DID!!! he woke up completely fine!!!

Do you ever wish you could have press on and peel off skin? No? Okay, nevermind.
haha yep my answer would be heck no!

Say something inspiring to me.
take it one day at a time, whatever it may be. and if that's too much take it one hour at a time or even set the timer for
20 minutes at a time...........

Do you get in the water at the beach?
only to my knees because it's creepy not being able to see what's underneath.

Did JJ make any rules (or requests) for you lately? Did you obey?
on tuesday he requested that next day (wed.) i not do ANY house work and that i could play with them all day. i DID obey!!

Has JJ had any new hair do's?
after his shower yesterday he combed it like superman. today at lunch he looked in the mirror and made his hair look "handsome" and he said "if river saw me i bet she would like me"

Does Ty ever say he has a baby in his tummy?
yes almost every day

Has Ty ever said you had a certain food on you? LoL.
shut up!!!

Whats the last movie you saw at home? Did you like it?
7 pounds. yes i really liked it and you need to see it!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This past weekend was the annual ELVIS FEST in my boys hometown of Tupelo, MS. Even though a lot of our family lives there, I've never been so I was pretty excited to go and meet a lot more of w's friends. His sister, Melinda and nephew Ben came into town on Thursday from Dallas and stayed the night with us. His mom and stepdad also drove in for dinner. Since I don't have matching dishes (ha!) I decided not to cook and we went for some Asian Fusion. YUM, everyone loved it! Melinda and Ben headed out Friday afternoon and we headed out early Saturday. The parade started at 10 and by the time we arrived at 10:30 it was over so we found Melinda and W's dad and walked around for a bit. It was SO hot out so we decided to cool off for a bit at "The Ice House". This is an old ice distribution company that W worked for as a teenager and the owner is a dear family friend that has turned it into sort of a venue for the locals to hang out/entertain. They had performers all day and yummy BBQ. It seemed like everyone was connected in some way and they made me feel so welcome. Melinda and I went for a little shopping excursion at Reed's and then it was nap time for everyone :) We got a hotel right down the street so we crashed for several hours until we went back to The Ice House that night. Ben ended up getting sick (thanks to uncle w's icecream eating challenge) so he and Melinda stayed in. Some other life long friends were able to join us and it was SO nice to sit around a visit with them and enjoy the music. W's dad even sang a couple of songs. He was quite the traveling performer back in the day! It was after midnight before we left (thats late for us old-timers) so we had no problem crashing that night. Sunday we brought breakfast over to his dads and then headed home. We went the Trace and just took our time to enjoy eachother and the scenery. W even stopped to pick me wildflowers. They are my absolute favorite and I think it's so strange that someone would rather buy flowers than get them from nature. :) When we got home, I felt like i'd been hit by a truck so we had a really nice evening at home relaxing.
Monday was back to the grind and we're so thankful we have a FULL week!! It's a short week though b/c we leave Thursday afternoon for Atlanta where he has CEU's. I think it's Continued Educational Units? He has to have a certain amount every year so it's nice to get them done before Willow arrives.
Speaking of Willow Kate, we had a GREAT report from the Dr. He was very pleased and I don't have to go every week anymore!! It was soooo neat to see her this time b/c she had hiccups while the sono was on her. It was soooo stinkin cute!!!!! And for the first time, I noticed her chubby little cheeks. We got to see her straight on and it wasn't as creepy this time now that she has more fat on her. Before she was just skeleton and it looked weird :) She been good and I've only been crampy twice but it was after having a full day! She gets hiccups at least twice a dat and its soooooo amazing to watch my belly twitch and know that it is my daughter in there!! We can not wait to hold her!!
We have enough situated for me to feel good about her coming home. I mainly wanted her carseat/stroller, blankets and onesies but we also have her stroller,swing, bathtub and lots of cute outfits for her and her essentials like diapers, wipes, baby shampoo, etc. I'm not worrying about having things we can get later like a highchair or bumbo b/c i know it will be a while before she can even use those. I think I'm gonna pack our hospital bag this week just to be safe :)
I think thats going to decide what to make for dinner....


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

questions for kimberly

what did you eat for dinner tonight?
beans. duh. then i had cantaloupe for a snack

what are two things you must accomplish before wk is born?
install the carseat, get our washing machine fixed

have you had any crazy dreams lately? if so details please.....
this morning i woke up laughing and w asked me what was so funny. he had been watching me for 15 minutes b/c it mae him happy that i was happy :) but i was dreaming about an iron squirting all over jason from the bachelor. please don't judge me. haha

do you plan on going back to school? or becoming a massage therapist too?
nope. i think it would be cool and i love to learn about it but i'd never have the strength to do it and i would never wanna do it on men. yuck.

what percent of a persons income should they live on? does that make sense?
well, i'm not exactly sure what you mean but i'll answer anyway. you know i'm a big dave ramsey fan so i think your house payment/rent should not be more than 1/4 of your take home pay, and assuming theres no debt i think if you budget all the necessities and add to your savings then it would be...10% tithe, 25% house, maybe 15% house bills, then the rest save :) i', sure that will change once willow is here though! right now it's just basic i guess.

where's the last place w took you for a date?
well since we're always together it's different but the last date we went to we went to sams and then burgers and blues :)

tell us about your new dining room table!
it's a super old turquoisey door i got at the flea market several years ago for the top and then daddy built saw horses to put it on and benches for the seats. i haven't decided how i'm gonna finish the wood though. any ideas?

do you plan on settling in jackson for the long run? why or why not?
yeah probably. we love it here and we have a big business base here already. eventually (i saw 10 years, w says 1) we want to have "satellite" clinics and pilates studios combined. prolly nashville and wherever you live so you can run it :)

do you have your hospital bag packed yet?
no but we were just talking about how we should. what should we put in it?

list five things you desire to have for wk before she is born?
for wk? um, monitors for our rooms, socks, plain white onesies, breast pump (i guess thats more for me), bottles/pacis

Saturday, May 29, 2010

questions from kimberly to kristi

-what was your favorite thing we did in ms while u were here?
i can't choose one....tubing, canton flea market, slip n slide, jonathan doing the kool aid stand, sleeping....

-were there any incidents on the drive?
i don't think so

-what did u think when u saw willow on the ultrasound?
awwweeeeeee so precious, that's my niece! brought back memories from jonathan and tyler in my belly too.

-does tyler get hot or cold?
he gets cold ALL the time!!!!!

-how did u celebrate jjs bday/why?
we were in a hotel traveling back from ms so we gave him a present and then when we got back home we had pizza and key lime pie with candles because that is what he wanted!

-how did u celebrate tys bday/why?
that morning we went to dunking donuts and then to target so he could spend some birthday money from family. that night we went to carrabbas because we knew that we would all enjoy and tyler requested macaroni and cheese or pizza so we shared a pizza and then we saw the new shrek movie thanks to a gift card i had from my birthday!

-what are some cute things they've said in the last couple weeks?
tyler gets very sad when i tell him i'm a girl. he says "your not a girl your mom"
aah they say cute things all the time, i can't think of them right now!? :(

-are u excited to be an aunt to willow/why?
yes because you are my sister and there's something extra special about it. it's like it's a piece of me?!

-did u get anything at the canton flea market?
yes! food, a tshirt, a lsu thing for candles or silverware, and i think that's all

-if u had to work outside the home, what would u want to do?
i would probably choose ortho assisting because that's what i know how to do but i guess a teacher that way i'd have the
same schedule as my kids or a nurse if i didn't have to go back to school. BUT my dream job would be to own a sno biz!!!!

-will u ever go back to school?
no unless someone else pays for it

-what did steven eat for dinner?
we were at a friends house and he had ribs, macaroni salad, roll, chicken maybe? and diet coke