Thursday, April 29, 2010

countdown by kristi

i remember starting the countdown to the kids and i driving to mississippi. now it's happening in just 4 days! the boys and i usually go to mississippi in may and october to visit my family and along the way stop in pensacola to see my brother and nephew. this time my friend crista and her son kasen are joining us on the 850 mile adventure. we are all very excited!

some of the things i enjoy when visiting miss are:

science museum
cock of the walk
parents back yard
seeing a few friends
colonial heights
strawberry patch park
seeing memories
canton flea market
walmart (because it's clean and not sketchy)

tyler wants to use the computer now and i need to get the house cleaned because......
steven arranged a babysitter and we are going on a date tonight!!!!!!!!!

So, I've had dreams the past two nights that I am giving birth. I feel soooooo much pressure in my pelvic area so I think I'm tricking myself into thinking she's trying to get out. I googled it today and the pressure seems to be normal. But of course I'll ask my Dr. when we go next week. My sister will be there too!! I'm sooooo excited!! And Jonathan is coming to see the ultrasound also, I wonder what he'll think!!? He'll probably think his Uncle William is pretty silly for jumping around in the room..he gets so excited :)

Tomorrow my mom and I are going to have a little adventure. My other nephew, Berkeley (my brothers son) is having his 4 year old graduation, so we are driving to Pensacola, FL for that. I'm so excited and proud to be going. I wish W could come but he's booked with appointments. He and my dad will keep eachother company Friday night though, they're hoping to go catfishing. We're leaving early tomorrow and will head back on Saturday, in bad weather it looks like. Yikes. Praying for safety and a bit of sunshine!

Yesterday, W and I drove to Philadelphia where he has a friend who is an eye doctor there. He set me up with a new prescription and a bunch of new contacts. MUST get better about taking them out at night. I am just sooooo blind that it's a "hassel" to get up in the night and look for glasses before I move. That sounds lame just typing it so I'll definitely be working on that.

W took an advanced Pilates Certification all weekend and he learned soooo much. Leslee Bender (the Bender ball) is the one who lead it and he brought home 2 of her dvd's and we've been watching them at night and I gotta say, they are soo fascinating. Since doing Pilates and receiving W's type of massage, I have become SO connected with my body and how every muscles feels (and should feel). A couple of the techniques he's learned he's been able to bring back into the clinic and although they are sososo simple, they have made a huge difference for included. I'm having some low back/hip pain and this little trick is really strengthening it. He's also working with me, through stretching and massage, to get my robs back in place. They've been coming out lately because of Willows stretching and they go back in so easy now! Even my hip popped back in after he worked with the soft tissue around it. Woohoo! I'll stop bragging on him now ;)

This past Sunday afternoon, we got the garage sooo cleaned out. It was bad but we were able to make a HUGE Goodwill pile (my 2nd one) and toss a lot and then put the rest in the attic. Now, I am so ready to get the inside situated. We still need some furniture. I'm looking at different places, like NUTS (neat used things for sale) for some old armchairs that I can have reupholstered. I need 2 of them. And preferably not matching ones. If anyone sees any, PLEASE let me know!!! We're being relaxed about it though b/c our main priority was to get the office decorated and our new comp, art, etc so now that that is almost complete, we can focus on home more. I finally gave in and hired my mom to come clean for us. It had gotten to the point where I was just too tired by the end of the loong days at the office and I kept putting it off, so my mom FINALLY agreed to do it for pay and I am so glad!! W has really encouraged me to get help b/c he knows how it weighed on me and he wanted my mind to be free for creativity for the biz and things I want to do. So I did :)

That's all. Kristis turn now.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

w's questions for kristi

1. how often do you have to cut your toenails? what's the longest recently you've gone without cutting them and how long were they? this is disgusting!! but probably 2 weeks and they weren't very long. like the pieces were way smaller than coconut shavings.

2. what's the best smell you've smelled in the last week?
jonathan's very own body spray. tag :)

3. what is something you can't eat b/c it reminds you of something you can't stand? and what does it remind you of?
applesauce. last time i ate it was when i had my wisdom teeth out with no anaesthesia and they had to cut them before pulling them out, and they were sideways and it was so loud and traumatic but i was soooo brave :) and the first thing i tried to eat was applesauce and i threw up. ewwwwww sidenote....the reason i did no anaesthesia was because it was a friend oral surgeon that did it for free but would have had to charge for the anasthesia

4. if you could make a trip to the sun, what would be the best time of day to go to keep from getting burned?
i think this is a trick question

5. do you think you could eat an entire double down from kfc? (google it)
oh my that is just wrong!!! heck no!!

6. what's the most toilet paper you've used in one sitting?
wow probably like 12 feet?! there was this one time ....... haha i don't know

7. if you adopted a haitian baby girl what would you name her?
this is a tough one because we'd probably adopt a toddler so she'd probably already have a name

8. if i let u go fishing with me would you bait your own hook with maggots?
NO! but aren't maggots tiny? they probably wouldn't stay on very well unless you like smooshed a bunch together?

9. when's the last time you wore jorts?
8th grade but they were from american eagle, i didn't cut them off myself

10. if jj was 17, would u let him date a girl that was 20?
probably not.

w's questions for kristi

1. how often do you have to cut your toenails? what's the longest recently you've gone without cutting them and how long were they?

2. what's the best smell you've smelled in the last week?

3. what is something you can't eat b/c it reminds you of something you can't stand? and what does it remind you of?

4. if you could make a trip to the sun, what would be the best time of day to go to keep from getting burned?

5. do you think you could eat an entire double down from kfc? (google it)

6. what's the most toilet paper you've used in one sitting?

7. if you adopted a haitian baby girl what would you name her?

8. if i let u go fishing with me would you bait your own hook with maggots?

9. when's the last time you wore jorts?

10. if jj was 17, would u let him date a girl that was 20?

questions for kimberly b

1. when you were a little girl what did you want to be when you grew up? and why?
a fence. cuz i could just stand there and do nothing. and i wanted to do time i even made momma lay down like she was dead and i did her makeup. lol, i didn't tell her why she was laying down though. i'm not morbid, i had just watched my girl and the woman did makeup on dead people. and i always did makeup on my teddy bear. i used to wake up early on sat mornings and watch the lady on qvc (wendy) do makeup.

2. you are well past the halfway mark in this pregnancy, what has been the most incredible moment so far?
it's sososososo hard tp pick one so my top 5 are.....hearing her heartbeat, seeing her look like a real baby and not just balls glued together, finding out she was a girl, w feeling her kick the first time, seeing her kick

3. what has been the most delicious thing you've eaten in the past month?
really spicy fish at aj's. and turkey and favorite.

4. when's the last time you went to the eye doctor? a LONG time but guess what?? w's friend is an eye doctor in philadelphia and we are driving there TOMORROW!!!!

5. while speaking of this when's the last time you've changed your contacts?!!!!
like a month or so ago but it's an old prescription so i can't see close up

6. when you pee in the cup at the dr for your baby checkups can you still aim pretty well?!
hmm, nice. well i can't really see the cup anymore but yes, my aim is good.

7. what kind of music do you guys have playing at the massage business?
in w's room he plays music that sounds like whales or something but in the main part, it's either on klove or gavin degraw pandora

8. will you let me borrow some clothes while i'm in jxn? yes, i wish you would take them with you.

9. what's the most powerful verse you've read in the past week?
"Now to him who is able to do IMMEASURABLY more than all we ask or imagine, according to his POWER that is at work WITHIN US." Ephesians 3:20
I've been having a bit of a battle with Satan the past couple weeks and doubt has crept in that God wouldn't rescue me from it but He has been reminding me that a) "thieves don't break into empty houses" and b) the battle is WON!!

10. what color are your toenails? post a pic!!
they are redish coral from our pedicure in orange beach. i forget the color name. i don't have a picture.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


when jonathan was 4 he committed his life to Christ. very exiting but at the same time he was so young and we never wanted to rush anything. so over the past year or so we have had many conversations about salvation. he totally gets it! such a comfort as a parent. this past sunday he wanted to come to big church so we said sure. we went to worship in studio G and of course he wanted to sit on the front row. another unexpected element was that dr powell was "live" in our service and would be on the screens in the main worship. jonathan listened very well during the sermon. pastor talked about how everything belongs to God. during the invitation when pastor mentioned "maybe you've given your life to Christ but never been baptized", jonathan leaned over and said "that's what i need to do". so in brief he walked up to pastor and told him about how he had committed his life to Christ when he was 4 and now he's ready to be baptized. SO EXCITING!!!! crazy thing is that steven was in the main service because he was scheduled for it. so he missed it, i couldn't text him fast enough to tell him, but i must say it was so amazing to see how the holy spirit worked! tomorrow jonathan will be baptized by steven! jonathan has been counting down the days! it's been so incredible to see how the holy spirit has begun working in jonathans life over the past months. thank you to everyone who has had an impact on our sons life! xoxo

on a lighter note :)
we went to the playground tonight and there was this kid prob about 4 years old and he said my little sister threw up in my room today. ugh! then he was scratching his butt and he told me he had been pooping all day. ewwwww then as we were leaving the little sister had diarreah coming outta her diaper and the dad put her in her carseat without changing her! so sad :(

i disinfected my kids when we got home!!!!!

kids always say funny things so i'll leave you with a few from mine.

in the car last night .....

j - "the delightful children from down the lane"
"all this talking is annoying me"
to tyler "don't you dare bust that book up"
"i have to go potty so bad it's breaking my damn"

t - sees a convertible "look that cars broken"

that's all i can thing of.
kristi :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Just some things floating around in my (Kimberlys) head....

-I hate pickles. So much. And I certainly don't like cucumbers. My 5 yo nephew texted me the other day (yes, HE texted me)
"i drank pikkle juic". I gagged.

-it's sposed to be stormy this weekend. when there is bad weather, i sleep with boots by my bed. it's smart really, do you wanna be walking around barefoot in rubble after a tornado blows through??

-willow kicks my bladder so much that it's only a matter of time before i wet my pants. W suggested today that i keep an extra pair of pants at the office...and puppy training pads. i might.

-we saw willow kick this weekend. i had my bathing suit pulled up to tan my belly at the beach and i happened to glance down while she kicked and i saw was incredible. then we just laid there and watch our little girl kick for a long time :)

-i carefully choose what my "last bite" will be at every meal. It's always the side-item. When I don't have a side-item I feel like I didn't really have a meal.

-we eat peanut butter and jelly every day for lunch. it's yummy. it's natural peanut butter and sugar free jelly on really really good wheat bread.

-i bought crazy love and haven't started it yet. i wanna be ready ready. i think i will be tomorrow. maybe.

-we got sick on our babymoon. we had the WORST seafood this weekend...i guess you gotta stay in jackson to have "fresh" fish.

-i can not wait to meet willow kate. and to be sleep deprived and unshowered and stressed....this is such a miracle and i really don't care if i have to rock her all night, i'm just soso thankful to be having a sweet baby to hold.

-my life is NOTHING like i ever dreamed but it really is so much better. imagine that.

-i have 5 boxes to sum up my whole life. i cant wait to go through them with willow! she'll loooooove playing with the easy bake oven and jenny gymnast i'm sure ;)

-i get butterflies when i think about my sister and nephews coming in may. i love them soooooo much!!!!

-i didn't drink anything carbonated for over 5 years and i started drinking diet coke when i was about 2 months preggo. don't drink much and i really don't think it tastes good at all but i still drink it :)

-our favorite meal is ground turkey with pinto and black beans all mixed up. we crave it. we are having it tonight. mmmmm

-that's all for now.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

kimberly's questions for kristi....

1. What is something cute the boys have said recently?
tonight jonathans teacher said he was staring at river (his girlfriend) she asked him why and he said in a
sweet voice "she's just so beautiful and i love her, it makes me want to hit myself"
i was helping jonathan with school work the other day and tyler was painting and keeping very busy doing so.
he was really quiet and then so proudly shows me his hands. he painted his fingernails and said "look i a girl"

2. Did you have any weird dreams lately?
last night i dreamed that i went to look at furniture or maybe it was a clothing store.
don't know how it happened but i didn't have any clothes on so maybe i was in a changing room? but something happened and we all had to evacuate and i was naked!!!! so embarrassing but i didn't want to die so i didn't have a choice. so glad it wasn't real.

3. What are the boys getting for their B-days...or at least whar do they want?
tyler wants a dragon and today he wanted legos and a batman toy. jonathan wants a nerf gun

4. What is JJ learning about in school this week? *post a pic
aah i haven't loaded the pics lately but one of his favorites from this week has been about evaporation

5. What are you wearing today?
grey shorts, tie died shirt and a white hoodie zip up thing

6. What's your fave thing to do with the boys (place to go) and why?
now that it's warm i love to go to lakes park, there's so much to do there!!!! and it's only $1 an hour to park.

7. What did you eat for Breakfast this morning?
turkey on a kids flat out rolled up :)

8. What's for dinner tonight?
we had turkey on mini hamburger buns :)

9. Did Ty ever wear girl pants? Please explain.
haha last week tyler had an accident at church and this isn't normal so i don't send a bag of clothes anymore. they put girl shorts on him and when jonathan saw he said "mom let's go straight to the car so nobody makes fun of him"

10. What are the boys' fave snacks?
strawberries with splenda, yogurt, chocolate milk, candy if we have any


Q&A for Kristi

1. What is something cute the boys have said recently?

2. Did you have any weird dreams lately?

3. What are the boys getting for their B-days...or at least whar do they want?

4. What is JJ learning about in school this week? *post a pic

5. What are you wearing today?

6. What's your fave thing to do with the boys (place to go) and why?

7. What did you eat for Breakfast this morning?

8. What's for dinner tonight?

9. Did Ty ever wear girl pants? Please explain.

10. What are the boys' fave snacks?

Catch Up

Hi. I'm whooped. Not really any special reason...just a lots of work and being preggo I spose. Backing up to 2 weekends ago...

Easter was sooo fun! I always get sad on Good Friday but then remembering the outcome, I am able to celebrate! W's dad was able to come into town and went to church with us on Sunday. That afternoon, the 3 of us went out on my parents boat for the afternoon. We picked up Cock of the Walk and had a fabulous little Easter picnic on the Rez. We did a little fishing and then I was ready to head back in. They dropped me off and went back out and my parents both caught a fish! SO exciting :)

This past weekend was nice also. After church, W had a massage for HIMSELF finally at 1 so I went out on the water with my parents and we just cruised around and enjoyed the gorgeous weather. I met my friend Jenny for Diet Cokes at a mexican place and then did a little shopping at Target for my "makeup room" here at the office. W had fallen asleep after his massage and slept until SIX o'clock!! He needed it so bad!!

This week has been jammed packed trying to fit everyone in before we leave town.....TOMORROW!!!!! This time tomorrow I will be ON the beach smelling like a big pregnant coconut!! I cannot wait!!! This will be our honey/babymoon. :) It's been WAY too long since either of us have gotten away and we already promised not to talk about work. We shall see :) The week we get back is already packed so we will enjoy this rest while we can.

I have been feeling SOOO good lately. I have my 5th (i think) kidney infection of the pregnancy and yesterday was pretty painful but I'm on a different medicine and I already feel better today! So thankful for modern med! My sister has an infection AND a kidney stone AND her pancreas is hurting her so I just really can't complain :(

It's time for her to blog now so I guess I'm gonna make a Q&A for her.......


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rest in Him

"Rest in Me. Seek this evening time just to be with Me. Do not feel you have failed if sometimes I ask you only to rest together in My Presence. I am with you, much with you both, not only at these times-at all times. Feel conscious of My Presence. Earth has no greater joy than that."

That was part of my devotion today and as always, it was not mistake. Last night we went to dinner with W's dad before he left town and i was feeling dizzy and "off" so we went home and I went to bed early. Today I realized I didn't feel Willow move last night and so I was more aware of it today. As the day went on, it went from the back of my mind to the center of my attention. At about 2:30 or so I decided to try the things that always make her kick. I stretched out on the massage table in the back, bent over, poked and prodded and absolutely nothing. I felt the panic start to creep in and texted my sister. She suggested a few things and after I tried that and W got done with his client, I told him what was happening. He was so calm and assured me everything was fine but after he tried talking to her, and moving her, he went ahead and called the nurses at the Dr's office. When they called back, i explained everything and they said I definitely needed to come in to check everything out. It felt sooo bad b/c another client was on the table for their appt but like all of our clients, she was soooo sweet and understanding and was so encouraging. We got there and there was a loooong list ahead of us and it was sooo hard sitting in the waiting room with all the other mommies-to-be and even a newborn b/c I was imagining the worst but W was soo wonderful and comforting. I was a mess, crying and trying to stay calm but i was so scared. He asked me if i wanted him to pray and I said no (was too emotional) but he did anyway and I am soo glad. Of course I was praying the whole time but to hear the words outloud I though would be too much. They ended up moving us to the top of the list and we got in the ultrasound room and the tech was sooo sweet. As soon as she put it on my belly, W started jumping up and down and hugging/kissing me b/c we saw that unmistakable flutter of her perfect heartbeat. Tears were pouring and i was just so overcome with gratitude of God's faithfulness. She had flipped since Monday (our last appt) and so her face was facing my spine and she has her legs straight up in front of her face, so any movement would be on the back and it's hard to feel that. W said she was getting us back for the April Fools joke he played everyone, telling them "she" was a "he" now. I saw another Dr and she said everything was perfect, just ANOTHER U.T.I but I'll take that anyday. I've just known too many people that have gone through tragedies and I couldn't ignore the feeling that something might be wrong. The doctor said I did the right thing and was being a good mommy :) SOSO scary but just another reminder not to take a second of a healthy pregnancy for granted.
When we got back to the office i asked W if he wanted me to take the trash out and he said NO, you are on light can't even look at anything heavy. So I closed my eyes...har har. ;)

I will post soon about our fun easter weekend but wanted to remind everyone to rest in Him. No matter what.