Saturday, November 27, 2010

Willow Kate 4 Months

Willow, for the last two months, you change every day!! Sometimes more often than that! What a sweet personality you have. As long as mommy is right there you are as happy as can be.

-you now eat rice cereal. we mix brown rice cereal with a little bit of formula and sometimes some banana and you are really getting the hang of it. you open your mouth for bites now and its the sweetest thing.

-youve been waking up at night for your passy but you dont eat in the night. you usually sleep for 12-13 hours. we try to keep you up past 6 but youre more of a morning girl. so am i :)

-we went on a trip to nashville and were were a little sweetie. you got to meet daddys friend, richard.

-its your first thanksgiving. All of daddys family (16 of us) met at a beautiful lake house in hot springs arkansas and have had the best time. you werent sure what to think about so many people but everyone loves you so much!

-youve become very clingy to mommy. its precious to me and it makes my heart melt. i always wanted my mommy too. i still do :)

-you sat up for a few seconds but we're not quite there yet. maybe by christmas?

-youre reaching for things now. you figured put that your passy goes in your mouth. youre aim will get better. :)

-mommy put up some christmas lights and you love looking at them. wait til you see a christmas tree!!

-youve rolled over both ways now but you dont do it too often.

-when i hold you up like and airplane, you laugh. :)

we love you so much, willow kate. i know you can feel it. and your daddy and i love eachother so much! i know you can feel that too :)

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