Thursday, December 9, 2010


so life has been happening lately. and for some reason i think i'll remember everything forever and ever but i often have trouble recalling what i wore yesterday. so allow me to blab.

willow is absolutely perfect. im not just saying that. really. shes soooo sweet and only cries when shes hungry, sleepy or hurting. and shes so stinkin cute. she changes and learns every single day. ahhh.

we got a new camera. its a fancy schmancy one and all i know how to do is take a picture but it does take a good one. its a canon rebel something or other. makes me feel all professional when i whip it out.

ive been feeling crafty lately. ive tried to limit my decorating in this house since we dont own it and how do i know itll work in our "real house" but im getting a little restless staring at blank walls and curtainless windows. i love decorating and slowly adding personal touches that just say "home".

i jumped off the edge and got a salted caramel hot chocolate frpm starbucks in target this weekend and oh my stars, i do know what we'll be sipping on when the role is called up yonder. Mm mm mm mm mm. but its pricey so i concocted my own recipe and it'll do my taste buds just fine.

i have the best husband. he's just so good to me and so humble. hes grown a lot these past couple of months especially and my word, sometimes it feels too good to be true.

i hate touch screens. and im typing on one now. just doesnt feel legit.

im dying to go to anthro. 'cept i never buy anything because its oh so expensive and i can find similar things at an antique shop or something.

we got a real tree. its such a treat to breathe in that smell evey day. and im sure all the extra oxygen isnt too bad for us. im no scientist so i
may have that wrong. i am a superhero though. just so you know.

i have one more week left of p90x. cant believe i did it. my partner dropped off the radar at about week 2 but not me. no sir. i'll post my final results.

i wish i could teleport. real bad. and i wish i never had to go to the supermarket or post office or bank. and while im at it, i wish for a money tree and a cure for cancer and brittle bone disease.

you have not cuz you ask not. just a little reminder.

w is hunting today. and my laundry room smells of dirt. it tickles me the lengths they go to to trek through the forest undetectable. they have to take a shower with a "scent away" soap. then launder all their loot in "dirt" scented laundry soap. and if thats not enough, they spray themselves with doe URINE!!!! woah dang. thats some serious hunger for deer burgers.



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