Friday, December 17, 2010

im gonna stop putting titles because i always spend too much time thinking of one. cant you tell?

we just got home from the hospital getting an ultrasound of willow kates spine. she was the BEST baby and as happy as can be laying on her belly. it took a while to get a good look but the dr said her spinal cord was NOT tethered!!! wooohooo!!! william prayed this morning and we both had a peace either way. (tethered cord is when your spinal column grows faster that your spinal cord and causes it to stretch and then fray)

i went hunting yesterday. no im sorry, i went HUNTIN. it was pretty awesome hikin through he woods and through big puddles of water to find the perfect spot. i told william, athiest hunters cannot exist. it is absolutely incredible to see the details of Gods creation. we didnt see any deer but it sure was a fun experience.

today is my last day of p90x. i have to have a rest week before i take my after measurements. then i'll do it all over again. because i wanna.

ive been having horrible, vivid nightmares. its really frustrating because i wake up so confused and shaken up because i have to remember whats reality and what was in my dream. ugh. i think im gonna sleep atop a bible tonight.

i stuffed, addressed and stamped a bunch of christmas cards this week and put them in the mailbox only to realize that i forgot to actually put the cards in. so i got them back in time and sat down with some scissors and tape and then realized that i infact DID put the cards in. not sure whats worse, forgetting or not remembering. ha.


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