Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Willow Kate 5 Months

Wow, 5 months already!!??
What a sweet, happy baby. You have the sweetest personality and its just developing even more every day.

You are sooo happy and smiley. You are still very laid back and content.

If i put you on your back, you flip to your tummy in a second! You push yourself up so that you dont miss anything. And if im behind you, you will turn that little head as far as you can.

You had your 4 month checkup and shots :(
We also had to bring you in because you had a tiny fever and sounded hoarse. No flu or rsv so we're just keeping an eye on it.

You looove trying new foods. Mommy makes it and i love seeing your tastes develop. So far you like, sweet potato, peas, carrots, pears, banana and green beans. Definitely not so wild about avocado. Ha.

You have a "sleepy song" when you get tired and so i just lay you down on your side with your passy and you go right to sleep. You usually wake up around 6 or 7. Drink a bottle, play, eat a fruit, nap for 3 hours, bottle, play, nap for about an hour, play, eat, nap for 3 hours, eat, play, bath, bottle and bed. :)

You looove being talked to and you respond with a big smile.

You love singing jesus loves me with the motions and doing patty cake. Also the game "i love you thiiiiiiiiiiis much".

You take your passy out, look at it, and put it back in. Over and over.

Aunt zan got you a highchair that we call your "happy chair" and you love being up and watching us in the kitchen.

You really love books. Im so thankful that we have so many.

Daddy had a kidney stone and we had to wake you up early and bring you to nanas so daddy could get to the hospital. It was a long weekend but you were such a sweetie and daddy is all better. You wouldnt fall asleep at nanas until she told you that daddys procedure was over.

We got a real christmas tree and its sooo pretty. And momma turned 27!!

I cant begin to describe our love for you. Daddy and i say that every day. Its just "wow". I am so excited for your first Christmas!!! we love you so much willow kate and feel soooo blessed to be your parents.

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