Sunday, December 26, 2010


i did it. cant believe it but i did. and im starting all over again today! it really is an awesome workout. here's my experience.

i gained 19 pounds during pregnancy. 6 pounds were baby, 13 pounds were the 876 cinnamon rolls i ate. mmmmm. luckily, it all came off quick and easy and i was pre baby weight in about 2 weeks. at 6 weeks i was dyyyyying to work out and had ordered p90x while pregnant so i was anxious to start. w and i were both hyped up but after about 2 weeks....well, i was solo. BUT he was awesome cheerleader and was such an encouragment to me through the whole thing.

i started off being able to do 5 girl pushups per set and by the end i was doing 30-40. my strength was something i really noticed a difference in.

my most fav workout is by far Kenpo. least favorite is yoga. i would seriously rather sleep in wet pajamas than do it. ugh.

i didnt follow the diet plan bc i eat pretty healthy anyway but a basic day looks like this:

egg beaters and ground turkey for breakfast.
or a cliff bar if im in a hurry....or about to eat my arm.

love a good salad for lunch. crunchy lettuce, nuts, berries and feta. can do without dressing.

usually some sort of snack. eithet an apple with peanut butter or almonds and mini choco chips.

im normally not hungry for supper since i eat a lot early in the day.

i am addicted to froyo. especially sweet tree which happens to be 2 minutes away. i usally get no sugar added vanilla....but only because i require about 3 pounds of topping. o my goodness the toppings. my faves? reeses, cheesecake, brownies, crunch bar, oreos....the list goes on. not all at once...usually.

so all in all i lost 21 inches. not sure about the pounds because the only scale i get on is at the doctors office but ive definitely tightened up all over. i dazzle w with my 12 pack. i kid.

i would recommend this workout to anyone. because u can truly modify any and everything.


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  1. WAHOOO!!! P90X is KILLER!! Okay froyo is like the most amazing thing there is!! LOVE your blog.....great eats:)