Saturday, December 11, 2010

saturday funday?

w's back at it in the deer woods today. he still hasnt found his big mack daddy buck but he loves the hunt way more that the kill. i sound like i know what im talking about, huh?

i think willow kate and i might venture out today and search for some curtains. o curtains, please show yourselves to us today.

yesterday my mom met as at hobby lobby and i got all sorts of things to scratch my crafting itch. shes a crearive genius and i steal my ideas from her. and the world wide web.

i dont know what wikileak is. i could google it i spose but im always careful with what goes on my computers history. too much crime tv.

i started using sauve professional shampoo and it really is as good as the pricey stuff. they even have the aveda rosemary mint knock off. and its super cheap!

i miss my sister like woah. and her boys. jonathan called me the other night just to talk and it just melted my heart. ty leaves me messages on heytell. jj started real school and hes sooo advanced! im proud. his first day of school he got to buy his lunch and he picked nachos and cheese. ha. and another day he couldnt open his water bottle so he was thirsty all day. i just love them so much!!!!

i dont know what to get w for christmas.

making baby food is soooo easy!!! not sure why everyone doesnt do it? u just steam the veggies and then blend it with water. wa-la. if theres a natural disaster of some sort, ive got a freezer full of sweet potatoes so yall come over and we'll have a picnic.

i had a nightmare last night. i hate them.

thats all.


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